AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00

Data Fields

uint32_t * pDescs [2]
uint8_t * rtc_index_ptr [2]
uint8_t * pActive
uint8_t * pStatus
uint8_t * pEvent
uint16_t redFID
uint8_t size
uint8_t shadow
uint8_t mrpFlag
uint8_t listToggleReq

Field Documentation

◆ pDescs

uint32_t* t_descList::pDescs[2]

Desc list 0/1 pointer. Pointers to type t_ppmDesc or t_cpmDesc. This is a chain of NO_PM descriptors. Two pointers available for Active/Shadow list. In the current implementation Shadow list not applicatble to CPM

◆ rtc_index_ptr

uint8_t* t_descList::rtc_index_ptr[2]

Pointers to phase index lists 1 and 2. Type t_listIndex

◆ pActive

uint8_t* t_descList::pActive

Pointer to active byte. Indicates if the list is active or not

◆ pStatus

uint8_t* t_descList::pStatus

Pointer to status byte. Can have values

◆ pEvent

uint8_t* t_descList::pEvent

Pointer to events/IRQ info

◆ redFID

uint16_t t_descList::redFID

Store FID of single red frame in list

◆ size

uint8_t t_descList::size

List(s) size in bytes

◆ shadow

uint8_t t_descList::shadow

Value of current shadow index

◆ lInitiate

t_rtcPacket* t_descList::lInitiate

last initiator object pointer. Only one toggle is allowed at a time. If this have a valid pointer, then a toggle is in process(by PRU) and ARM cannot toggle at this time. This is set during PN_togglePpmList and cleared in RTC_NOTIFY_PPM_LIST_CHANGE in PN_dhtIsrHandler

◆ mrpFlag

uint8_t t_descList::mrpFlag

MRP mode flag

◆ listToggleReq

uint8_t t_descList::listToggleReq

PPM List Toggle request initiated by the stack