AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00

Detailed Description

Specifies the properties of a clock.

Data Fields

uint8_t clockIdentity [8]
uint16_t clockClass
uint16_t timeAccuracy
uint16_t offsetScaledLogVariance
uint16_t currentUTCOffset
uint16_t timePropertyFlags
uint16_t timeSource
uint16_t observedOffsetScaledLogVariance
uint16_t observedPhaseChangeRate

Field Documentation

◆ clockIdentity

uint8_t clockClass_t::clockIdentity[8]

Unique identifier for Clock, See standard for exact definition

◆ clockClass

uint16_t clockClass_t::clockClass

Specifies class of clock Quality

◆ timeAccuracy

uint16_t clockClass_t::timeAccuracy

Accuracy in seconds. See spec for more detail

◆ offsetScaledLogVariance

uint16_t clockClass_t::offsetScaledLogVariance

OffsetScaledLogVariance is the variance measure of clock quality used by the Best Master algorithm to determine the grandmaster.

◆ currentUTCOffset

uint16_t clockClass_t::currentUTCOffset

CurrentUtcOffset specifies the current UTC offset in seconds from International Atomic Time (TAI) of the clock. As of 0 hours 1 January 2006 UTC, the offset was 33 seconds

◆ timePropertyFlags

uint16_t clockClass_t::timePropertyFlags

TimePropertyFlags specifies the time property flags of the clock.

◆ timeSource

uint16_t clockClass_t::timeSource

TimeSource specifies the primary time source of the clock

◆ observedOffsetScaledLogVariance

uint16_t clockClass_t::observedOffsetScaledLogVariance

Same as offsetScaledLogVariance. Observed value. Applicable for Grandmaster and Parent

◆ observedPhaseChangeRate

uint16_t clockClass_t::observedPhaseChangeRate

specifies an estimated measure of the parent clock's drift as observed by the slave clock