AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00
ICSS_EMAC_TxArgument Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Tx packet processing information block that needs to passed into call to ICSS_EMAC_TxPacket.

Data Fields

ICSS_EMAC_Handle icssEmacHandle
const uint8_t * srcAddress
uint8_t portNumber
uint8_t queuePriority
uint16_t lengthOfPacket

Field Documentation

◆ icssEmacHandle

ICSS_EMAC_Handle ICSS_EMAC_TxArgument::icssEmacHandle

Handle to ICSS_EMAC instance

◆ srcAddress

const uint8_t* ICSS_EMAC_TxArgument::srcAddress

Base address of the buffer where the frame to be transmitted resides

◆ portNumber

uint8_t ICSS_EMAC_TxArgument::portNumber

Port on which frame has to be transmitted

◆ queuePriority

uint8_t ICSS_EMAC_TxArgument::queuePriority

Queue number in which frame will be queued for transmission

◆ lengthOfPacket

uint16_t ICSS_EMAC_TxArgument::lengthOfPacket

Length of the frame in bytes