AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00
ICSS_EMAC_Params Struct Reference

Detailed Description

ICSS_EMAC Parameters.

ICSS_EMAC Parameters are used to with the ICSS_EMAC_open() call. Default values for these parameters are set using ICSS_EMAC_Params_init().

[MANDATORY] is present in the description for members which are mandatory.

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Data Fields

PRUICSS_Handle pruicssHandle
const PRUICSS_IntcInitDatapruicssIntcInitData
ICSS_EMAC_CallBackObject callBackObject
uint8_t macId [6]

Field Documentation

◆ pruicssHandle

PRUICSS_Handle ICSS_EMAC_Params::pruicssHandle

[MANDATORY] PRUICSS Handle for which the ICSS-EMAC driver will be based on

◆ pruicssIntcInitData

const PRUICSS_IntcInitData* ICSS_EMAC_Params::pruicssIntcInitData

[MANDATORY] PRUICSS INTC mapping structure pointer needed for PRUICSS_intcInit call

◆ fwStaticMMap

ICSS_EMAC_FwStaticMmap* ICSS_EMAC_Params::fwStaticMMap

[MANDATORY] Static Firmware Memory Map offsets

◆ fwDynamicMMap

ICSS_EMAC_FwDynamicMmap* ICSS_EMAC_Params::fwDynamicMMap

[MANDATORY] Dynamic Firmware Memory Map offsets

◆ fwVlanFilterParams

ICSS_EMAC_FwVlanFilterParams* ICSS_EMAC_Params::fwVlanFilterParams

VLAN filtering related Firmware Memory Map offsets. Should be passed if IOCTL commands for VLAN filtering are going to be used

◆ fwMulticastFilterParams

ICSS_EMAC_FwMulticastFilterParams* ICSS_EMAC_Params::fwMulticastFilterParams

Multicast filtering related Firmware Memory Map offsets. Should be passed if IOCTL commands for Multicast filtering are going to be used

◆ callBackObject

ICSS_EMAC_CallBackObject ICSS_EMAC_Params::callBackObject

Callback functions for difference scenarios like link change, Rx for NRT/RT, Tx and Learning exception

◆ ethphyHandle


[MANDATORY] Ethernet PHY Handle. For mac mode, ethphyHandle[0] is used. For switch mode, ethphyHandle[0] and ethphyHandle[1] are used.

◆ macId

uint8_t ICSS_EMAC_Params::macId[6]

[MANDATORY] MacId to be used for the interface