AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00
ICSS_EMAC_CallBackConfig Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Generic callback configuration for protocol specific callbacks.
ICSS_EMAC_CallBack is the function prototype used. While calling this, first argument is always of type ICSS_EMAC_Handle, second argument is specific to the callback (see ICSS_EMAC_CallBackObject), and third argument is userArg as specified in this structure.

Data Fields

ICSS_EMAC_CallBack callBack
void * userArg

Field Documentation

◆ callBack

ICSS_EMAC_CallBack ICSS_EMAC_CallBackConfig::callBack

Function pointer for the callback function

◆ userArg

void* ICSS_EMAC_CallBackConfig::userArg

User argument for callback function