AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
ClockP_Params Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Parameters passed during ClockP_construct.

Data Fields

uint32_t start
uint32_t timeout
uint32_t period
ClockP_FxnCallback callback
void * args
const char * name

Field Documentation

◆ start

uint32_t ClockP_Params::start

0: do not start the clock after construct,
1: start the clock after construct

◆ timeout

uint32_t ClockP_Params::timeout

clock period for first execution, in units of clock ticks

◆ period

uint32_t ClockP_Params::period

clock period for subsequent periodic execution, in units of clock ticks.
Set to 0 for one-shot mode of operation

◆ callback

ClockP_FxnCallback ClockP_Params::callback

User callback to invoke when timer expires.

Callback could be called in ISR context, so user should not block within the ISR

◆ args

void* ClockP_Params::args

User argument that is available inside the callback

◆ name

const char* ClockP_Params::name

Name to associate with this object