AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
APIs for Driver Porting Layer


This module contains APIs which are used by the drivers to make them agnostic of the underlying OS and CPU architecture.

Sub Modules

 APIs for CPU ID
 APIs for Cache
 APIs for Clock
 APIs for Counting CPU Cycles
 APIs for Debug log's and assert's
 APIs for Event
 APIs for HW Interrupts
 APIs for Heap management
 APIs for MMU for ARMv8 (ARM A53, TI C75)
 APIs for MPU for ARMv7 (ARM R5, ARM M4)
 APIs for Queue
 APIs for Region based address translation (RAT) module
 APIs for Semaphore
 APIs for Task
 APIs for system level define's and function's
 APIs for timer setup and control