AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
ClockP_Config Struct Reference

Detailed Description

ClockP module config, set as part of SysConfig, not to be set by end-users directly.

Data Fields

uint32_t timerBaseAddr
uint32_t timerHwiIntNum
uint32_t eventId
uint32_t timerInputClkHz
uint32_t timerInputPreScaler
uint32_t usecPerTick

Field Documentation

◆ timerBaseAddr

uint32_t ClockP_Config::timerBaseAddr

HW Timer MMR base address

◆ timerHwiIntNum

uint32_t ClockP_Config::timerHwiIntNum

CPU interrupt number for this timer

◆ eventId

uint32_t ClockP_Config::eventId

◆ timerInputClkHz

uint32_t ClockP_Config::timerInputClkHz

Timer clock in units of Hz

◆ timerInputPreScaler

uint32_t ClockP_Config::timerInputPreScaler

Timer divider to apply to the input clock

◆ usecPerTick

uint32_t ClockP_Config::usecPerTick

period of one timer tick in units of usecs