TI BLE-Stack for Bluetooth 4.2 API Documentation
Data Fields
l2capSignalCmd_t Union Reference

Union of all L2CAP Signaling commands. More...

Data Fields

l2capChannelEstEvt_t channelEstEvt
 Channel Established Event.
l2capChannelTermEvt_t channelTermEvt
 Channel Terminated Event.
l2capCmdReject_t cmdReject
 Command Reject.
l2capConnectReq_t connectReq
 LE Credit Based Connection Request.
l2capConnectRsp_t connectRsp
 LE Credit Based Connection Response.
l2capFlowCtrlCredit_t credit
 LE Flow Control Credit.
l2capCreditEvt_t creditEvt
 Out Of Credit Event or Peer Credit Threshold Event.
l2capDisconnectReq_t disconnectReq
 Disconnection Request.
l2capDisconnectRsp_t disconnectRsp
 Disconnection Response.
l2capInfoReq_t infoReq
 Information Request - not supported.
l2capInfoRsp_t infoRsp
 Information Response - not supported.
l2capNumCtrlDataPktEvt_t numCtrlDataPktEvt
 Number of Available Ctrl Data Packets Event.
l2capSendSduDoneEvt_t sendSduDoneEvt
 Send SDU Done Event.
l2capParamUpdateReq_t updateReq
 Connection Parameter Update Request.
l2capParamUpdateRsp_t updateRsp
 Connection Parameter Update Response.

Detailed Description

Union of all L2CAP Signaling commands.

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