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SA_3GPP_ENABLER  03_00_01_00

Build date: 02092016

Release Information

This is 3.0.1 release of the SA 3GPP Enabler for KeyStone Devices

This is the 03.00.01 release of the SA LLD 3GPP Enabler to be used with KeyStone device.

This package containing SA 3GPP Enabler is designed to be used along with SA LLD package, delviered as part of MCSDK 3.1 (or higher) to enable 3GPP functionalities.

SA LLD should be used by drivers and applications that interface with the Security Accelerator (SA) within NetCP
, which provides hardware engines to perform encryption, decryption, and authentication operations on packets for commonly supported protocols, including IPsec ESP and AH, SRTP, and Air Cipher. The SA also provides the hardware modules to assist the host in generating public keys and random numbers. The SA LLD provides software building block to implement the security network applications including IPSEC, SRTP and 3GPP Air Ciphering on TI KeyStone devices. It also provides examples and unit tests to facilitate the integration and testing of network security protocols. The SA LLD builds on Multicore Software Development Kit (MCSDK) to achieve platform abstraction, networking, and inter-core communication.


Although SASS supports 3GPP specific Ciphering and Authentication algorithms such as Kasumi F8/F9 and Snow3G F8, those algorithms are locked out in this standard SA LLD distribution. In order to access 3GPP specific functionalities, one must obtain ETSI licensing as described at https://www.etsi.org/services/security-algorithms/cellular-algorithms and then download the SASS 3GPP Enabler package from TI.


For further information on the SA and SA LLD, please refer to the Keystone Architecture Security Accelerator User Guide at:  https://www.ti.com/general/docs/lit/getliterature.tsp?baseLiteratureNumber=sprugy6

Supported Platforms


The Security Accelerator Low Level Driver (SA LLD) requires encryption-enabled KeyStone devices or encryption-enabled KeyStone Evaluation Modules (EVMs).   It will not execute on KeyStone devices and EVMs that do not support the Security Accelerator (hardware-accelerated encryption).    


For a list of the most current encryption-enabled KeyStone devices and EVMs, please contact your local TI sales representative.

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SA_3GPP_ENABLER Product Downloads
Title Description Size
Unlocked setupwin32_sa3gpp_keystone_03_00_01_00.exe SA 3GPP Enabler Package for Windows 1924K
Unlocked setupLinux_sa3gpp_keystone_03_00_01_00.bin SA 3GPP Enabler Package for Linux 1684K
CCS v6.1.2.00015 This is the TI Code Composer Studio IDE. It contains the IDE, CodeGen Tools, debugger and base components such as BIOS, IPC and so forth.
BIOS MCSDK 3.x package
MCSDK 3.x Latest MCSDK 3.x package
Processor SDK 2.x Latest PROC SDK 2.x package
Code Gen 8.1.0 Codegen Tools
ReleaseNotes_SA_3GPP.pdf SA 3GPP Enabler Release Notes 312K
SA_LLD_3GPP_3_0_SoftwareManifest.html SA LLD 3GPP Enabler Software Manifest document 8K
MD5 Checksums 4K
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