EthFw Release Notes



  1. Introduction
  2. Licensing
  3. Getting Started
  4. Documentation
  5. What's New
  6. Upgrade and Compatibility Information
  7. Device Support
  8. Validation Information
  9. Fixed Issues
  10. Known Issues
  11. Dependencies
  12. Technical Support
  13. Package Versioning


This release notes provides important information that will assist you in using the EthFw component. This document provides the product information and known issues with respect to EthFw software component. The EthFw component consists of firmware for Ethernet switch, profiling tools and demos/applications for J721E, J7200 and J784S4 silicon platforms.


Refer to Processor SDK RTOS top-level manifest.

Getting Started

The Ethernet Firmware User's Guide provides the documentation and references necessary to run EthFw demos and begin development on TI's platforms.


Refer to following documentation for further details:

Ethernet Firmware User Guide Build instructions, Demos [HTML]
Ethernet Firmware API Guide API Guide [HTML]

What's New

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

Users moving from SDK 8.2 or older to SDK 8.6 must refer to the Porting Guide document which describes how the board initialization routines have been restructured.

Device Support

Below table shows device support for EthFw.
SoC HOST (OS) Target (OS) Test Platform
J721E Linux FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS J721E EVM with GESI and QSGMII Daughter Boards
J7200 Linux FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS J7200 EVM with QSGMII Daughter Board
J784S4 Linux FreeRTOS, SafeRTOS J784S4 EVM with QSGMII Daughter Board

Refer Processor SDK RTOS RTOS release notes for SDK device support.

Validation Information

This release was built and validated using the following tools. Refer to the EthFw User's Guide for additional instructions to install and setup the dependencies.

Build Tools (included in Processor SDK)

SoC ISA SafeRTOS package version
J721E R5F 009-004-199-024-219-005
J7200 R5F 009-004-199-024-219-005
J784S4 R5F 009-004-199-024-219-005

Fixed Issues

Issue ID Headline Module Affected Platforms Reported in Release Fixed in Release
ETHFW-2576 EthFW: Enable to transmit the packets from client to External Network for the filtered Multicast MAC requested by client ETHFW J721E 09.02.00
ETHFW-2538 EthFW: Buffers & Queue Address using for Inter-core Ethernet communication is not matching with Linux Device tree Reserved Address for Virtual Eth communication EthFw J721E, J784S4 09.02.00
ETHFW-2536 EthFW: VLAN tagged packets coming on MAC-only port in promiscuous mode EthFw J721E, J7200, J784S4 09.02.00
ETHFW-2429 Ethfw linker file generate incorrect address mapping for interrupt handlers like "HwiP_prefetch_abort_handler" EthFw J721E, J7200, J784S4 09.02.00

Known Issues and Limitations

Issue ID Headline Module Reported in Release Affected Platforms Workaround in this release
ETHFW-2088 EthFW will get stuck waiting for link if link partner is not ready Documentation J721E, J7200, J784S4 None.
ETHFW-2219 Issue of structures having members with Enum type when using same header files in QNX io-sock EthFw J721E, J7200, J784S4 None.
ETHFW-2006 UDP Speed slow down while open 2 ports on EVM EthFw J721E, J7200, J784S4 None.
ETHFW-2587 No Error message from EthFw when client is requesting for reserved Multicast filter to EthFw EthFw J721E, J7200, J784S4 None.


All Ethernet Firmware dependencies are also part of the SDK, please refer to the User's Guide for details.

Technical Support

For technical support and additional assistance, contact local TI Field Application Engineer

Package Versioning

Each package version is composed of 4 period-delimited numbers - represented here by the letters M, m, p and b [M.m.p.b]. The table below provides a descriptive reference regarding package version numbering.

Digit Meaning Description
1 (M=Major) Major revision Incremented when the new version is substantially different from the previous For example, a new module added or an existing module's algorithm significantly altered.
2 (m=minor) Minor revision Incremented when the new version has changed but not in a major way. For example, some minor changes in the API or feature set.
3 (p=patch) Patch number Incremented for all other source code changes. This include any packaging support code.
4 (b=build) Build number Incremented for each release delivery to CM. Reset for any change to M, m or p.

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