Ethernet Firmware

Integrated Switch

SoC's, such as J7200, J721E or J784S4, integrate an Ethernet Switch as an chip-in-chip. The combined features of SoC and Switch IP (CPSW5G/CPSW9G) can allow Ethernet switch to function continuously enabling unaffected switching on external ports regardless of the state of the rest of the device.

The diagram below shows the hardware capabilities of the integrated Ethernet Switch in J721E SoC that enable it to act as a replacement to an external switch in the traditional automotive Ethernet gateway system.

J721E Switch as a replacement to external switch

The integrated switch in J721E and J784S4 offers 8 MAC ports, while the switch in J7200 offers 4 MAC ports. In both cases, an internal host port provides connectivity to the SoC which enables the different processing cores to exchange packets with the switch.

It's worth noting that the previous diagram shows internal data paths that are available in the SoC but not necessarily enabled in the Ethernet Firmware component. Please refer to the Remote Core Clients section for further information about the processing cores where virtual Ethernet functionality has been enabled.

Ethernet Firmware Software Stack

The Ethernet Firmware is a FreeRTOS based application for configuration of Ethernet switch, hosted on the Cortex R5F 0 core 0 in Main domain of J721E, J7200 and J784S4 SoCs.

Ethernet Firmware package contains remote configuration server, resource management library, switch resident protocols, proxy layers to handle local and remote API calls and demonstration applications (EthFw Demos). The switch software uses PDK Enet and other drivers for respective IP configuration. The main building blocks of the Ethernet Firmware are shown in the following diagram.

Ethernet Switch Software Architecture

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