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WiLink8 ™  R8.7

Release date: 06_02_16

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This is the R8.7 software version of WiLink™ 8 chip family.

WiLink™ 8 driver is based on open source Linux components and is covered with extensive validation and Wi-Fi® pre-certification.


What’s New

R8.7 introduces support for open source Linux implementation of mesh, based on IEEE 802.11s™.
As part of this feature, WiLink™ 8 supports:

Mesh functionality

Mesh Tools

Wireless Mesh Explorer is a Microsoft® Windows®-based software tool for exploring and displaying mesh networks based on the Texas Instruments WiLink8.0 chipset. It consists of the following main capabilities

Product can be downloaded from here : Mesh visualization tool

Other changes

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

This release is based on Linux kernel v4.4.8 and hostap v2.5+.

A full change log list can be found in the change log page

To upgrade an existing version, please follow our getting started guide, or use our build script according to your existing kernel.

Host Support

The WiLink™ 8 software is developed and built using Ubuntu 12.04. Building the package should be possible on any Linux machine, more details can be found in our build process wiki.


This release requires the following software components and tools on the platform in order to function successfully.
All will be automatically packaged using the build-utility scripts.

Device Support

The WiLink™ 8 software is tested using AM335x-EVM, AM335x-BeagleBone Black with WL1835MOD and WL1837MOD.
The software supports all WiLink™ 8 device family: WL1801MOD, WL1805MOD, WL1807MOD, WL1831MOD, WL1835MOD, WL1837MOD

It can be integrated in a big verity of TI processors such as AM473, J6, AM573 and non TI hosts as well.

Validation Information

Component Version
Reference Host Platform TI AM335x EVM Rev 1.4/BeagleBone Black
Linux Kernel 4.4.8
WL18xx MAC firmware version
WL18xx PHY firmware version
WL18xx Driver version R8.7

This release have passed Wi-Fi® pre-certification.

For full test results, please contact your TI representative.


Hardware/System Limitations

Role 2.4GHz 5GHz


  • 20 MHz SISO
  • 40 MHz SISO
  • 20 MHz MIMO
  • 20 MHz SISO
  • 40 MHz SISO
  • AP
  • P2P
  • Mesh
  • 20 MHz SISO
  • 20 MHz SISO
  • 20 MHz SISO
  • 40 MHz SISO

Software Limitations

Known Issues

Bug ID Description
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-555] Co-Ex: Bluetopia: Any Role: 5G: Lower WLAN throughput while using Bluetopia profile such as FTP and A2DP.
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-66] mesh:iw: some parameters displayed using ‘station dump’ are not updated
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-98] Multi-Role: Connection to APUT during traffic in secured SUT network takes longer than expected (seconds)
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-570] APUT: AP WOW: Auto Arp is not reconfigured after recovery
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-580] Firmware recovery might occur after long time (>12 Hours) while WLAN running UDP/TCP traffic
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-581] Robustness : Firmware recovery might occur while running extensive connection tests and traffic
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-451] Stability: Co-Ex MR: STA-AP-BT: STA -TCP Rx, AP-TCP Tx, WPA2; BT-eSCO , BT HF might stop after long hours, while WLAN traffic continue
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-222] MR mBSSID: Remote Stations might disconnect, from time-to-time (>10 hours), during TCP Rx
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-533] STA: TCP Bidir: Throughput delta between RX and TX might vary in different modes
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-571] APUT: WoW: Robustness, Ping might not wake up from host from suspend mode
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-373] SUT might disconnect while running traffic during intensive BT inquiry with 10 seconds interval
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-240] AP IOP: extSTA disconnects after an inactivity timeout, when any activity is initiated from the STA, while is connected idle
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-568] Mesh: Spec: In cases where a mesh device is “full” and in a congested environment, leaving peer might not be identified(no keep alive mechanism)
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-227] MR AP+P2P: Variable P2P connection success rate during APUT’s high consistent traffic
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-349] Robustness SG: BT Discovery failed during WLAN consistent high TP traffic
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-332] Stability Multi-role: SUT disconnecting from AP while TCP traffic between SUT to AP and between external STA to APUT
[WILINK8_SW_DEV-357] SUT Connection: Connection with saved profile (only one profile) WPA2, hidden SSID can take about 10 seconds

Technical Support and Product Updates

For future product updates please use the “Alert Me” button on our product page.

Previous version release notes can be found in here