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WiLink8 ™ R8.7. - Change log

Release Date : 06_01_16


The release components in this version is based on TI Linux kernel and hostap package.

Below you can find the full list of patches applied on top of these sources.

Linux kernel

Linux Kernel baseline is located in git://git.ti.com/ti-linux-kernel/ti-linux-kernel.git

This release is based on ti2016.00-int tag <ref>

Commit Description
13c25bc Revert “wl18xx/wlcore : time sync demo [TMP]”
517c7c0 Revert “mmc: Wait for card_busy before starting sdio requests”
22544cf Arp Filtering: Add protection against null ip address
3a17b90 AP-WoW: Fix ap stop warn on [SQUASH]
2715d52 wlcore/wl18xx: add radar_debug_mode handling
76002c6 mac80211: Add support for aborting an ongoing scan
249e81c cfg80211: Add support for aborting an ongoing scan
3c4b0aa AP WoW: Fix bug where we configure wrong IP after recovery.
7f9c7bc mesh: max_peers reached falsely
e2408bf wlcore/wl12xx: Fix fw logger over sdio
231fda8 Revert “Revert”wlcore: Fix regression in wlcore_set_partition()“”
55f5805 Revert “wlcore: Fix regression in wlcore_set_partition()”
9356957 wlcore: remove timestamp strings prints
b8e49e1 wlcore: add version and timestamp strings (INTERNAL)
a232820 Revert “tcp: refine pacing rate determination” [WORAROUND].
59ba261 wlcore: Fix regression in wlcore_set_partition()
2b1d59b wlcore: fix error handling in wlcore_event_fw_logger
be4e2a8 wlcore/wl18xx: fw logger over sdio
aa4dc8c WoW: Add WoW when acting as AP. fixes #WILINK8_SW_DEV-506
3959c20 bbb:dts: update wilink8 capes to the latest version
b3fdb01 dts:am335x-evm-wow : update dtb with latest changes
2a92d0a dts :am335x-evm-wow: update dts file with latest changes
10ff29a wl18xx: multi-role AP & GO doesn’t work
bf20836 mesh: mesh is not connected properly after recovery
84bf225 mesh: frames received out of order
c4baf3d mesh: path selection improvements
ea59734 mesh: TO is always enabled. Only targets responmd to Originator
30ebf70 mesh: PREQs will be forwarded by a Destination MP
118c1f3 mac80211: Unify mesh and mpp path removal function
e9603cd mac80211: let unused MPP table entries timeout
e5ed0f1 mac80211: Remove MPP table entries with MPath
5a3077f mac80211: mesh: drop constant field mean_chain_len
208eaa5 mac80211: mesh_plink: remove redundant sta_info check
77fb7a4 mesh : proactive path selection improvements
8aef43f mesh: update path table only with better PREQ path to next hop
8f42398 mesh : PREQ: increase the PREQ lifetime to imporve performance
3d8c110 mesh: increase PREQ/PRES action frames reliability
eb86de3 Mesh: bypass blockack encryption [WORKAROUND]
7578101 mac80211: mesh: fixed HT ies in beacon template
c50dda0 mac80211: mesh: fix call_rcu() usage
541e192 mesh: delayed path reply
b9c70b6 mesh: Fix healing time when a mesh peer is disconnecting
47f313b mesh: implement mac80211 op: get_rate_info
2c55c2a mesh: support mesh metric calculation
7d8bade mesh: mac80211 opcode, get rate for metric from driver
e326667 ieee80211: mesh: handle secured PREQ frames
05eb4a7 wlcore: mesh: Add support for RX Boradcast Key
d71cd1c mac80211: mesh: flush stations before beacons are stopped
efbc0a4 wl18xx: firmware minor version update
be44d03 mesh: added initial mesh support for wl8
4a10364 wl18xx/wlcore : time sync demo [TMP]
db720d4 wlcore: mesh: add zone time sync support
5331cc5 am335x-evm : add support Wake on Wlan for EVM
cbd9f24 am335x-bone : add support for different wilink8 capes for BBB

hostap (wpa_supplicat/hostapd)

hostap baseline is located in http://w1.fi/cgit/hostap/

This release is based on 235c56e7 commit

Commit Description
2f81a83 mesh on demand: Several fixes
ec433fc mesh on demand: Allow BG scan user configuration (tag: R8.7_RC14)
0bfdbd1 Fix deauth with reason 7 due to multiple assoc_req received
3c033f6 ap: add missing WLAN_STA_ASSOC_REQ_OK flag cleanups
b82d28a mesh on demand: Perform BG Scan only on serving channel
54762b1 mesh: Cannot perform scan on mesh IF while mesh is connected with security
3e26762 Mesh: Fixed max peer links
03a57ad Mesh: Don’t allow SISO40 pri/sec channel switch
7cb82c8 Mesh: Cannot create mesh network on channel 40
a79621c Mesh: Can’t join other mesh network after joining mesh network
b42b713 Mesh: mesh on demand support
a1651f7 Mesh: bug fix - make sure when we disconnect we wait for plink_close to be received
c030add mesh: fix error print upon join
8a96e36 AP-Mesh channel sync
012bb3a mesh : set OFDM basic rates as default
21df09b Mesh: Connection fixes
eb51e3c Mesh: max peer parameter doesn’t work
18b7bcb mesh: enable disassoc_low_ack event for mesh
9c760d6 P2P: accept provision discovery with bcast group ID [IOP]
0779f3b P2P: accommodate peers that use the GO address in prov_disc_resp [IOP]
20e8adb P2P: Ignore PBC overlap in P2P provisioning [IOP]
5f6bc58 wpa_supplicant: declare 20/40 coex support [UPSTREAM]
6b64367 P2P: increase p2p go initial connection timeout [WORKAROUND]
45a25ee reload iface on ifdown/up and suspend/resume (INTERNAL)
d818ecf Smart config :provisioning solution
1231b05 ACS: don’t choose JP-only channel [ACS]
badb9fa ap: wps: avoid sending wps commands for each interface [AP AP]
94594ef acs: retry ACS scan on EBUSY return code [ACS]
1e37781 hostap: don’t check scan results in case of 20mhz [AP AP]
ac061d6 driver_nl80211: implement shared AP channel op [AP AP]
a4c16c4 hostapd: use new op to sync AP channels [AP AP]
de8390a acs: skip HT_SCAN on channel sync [ACS]
3ea4f6b acs: add additional dfs operating classes [ACS]
3777dd4 acs: Porting legacy ACS solution [ACS]
2508508 hostapd: sync channel on interface setup [AP AP]
5a5cf33 hostapd: add hostapd.conf param to force AP channel sync [AP AP]
2f56fbd P2P: dont consider p2p_ignore_shared_freq in case of running ap [INTERNAL, AP P2P]
05ff2d5 p2p: prefer shared freq for GO operation [INTERNAL, AP P2P]
ab4728c dfs: skip some channels [INTERNAL, REG]
a3a9573 ap: explicitly disable some channels from country IE [INTERNAL, REG]
ea0ab60 changes to default build config