8.1. General

8.1.1. Is CCS Theia based on VS Code?

Code Composer Studio Theia leverages the Theia IDE open source software framework. Theia IDE is very similar to Visual Studio (VS) Code but there are some differences.

8.1.2. What are the differences between the Theia IDE and VS Code?

See: https://eclipsesource.com/blogs/2019/12/06/the-eclipse-theia-ide-vs-vs-code/

8.1.3. When will my device be supported by CCS Theia?

We are incrementally adding additional device support with each release. There is no concrete schedule for this activity we can share at the moment.

8.1.4. Which operating systems are supported by CCS Theia?

Please see the related section in the Overview chapter.

8.1.5. Why do I need to avoid non-alphanumeric (unicode) characters in my paths?

Paths with non-alphanumeric characters can potentially cause various project management and build issues.

Examples of non-alphanumeric characters are &, !, (, #, etc. It is recommended to avoid such characters in project names, source/header files/folders, CCS Theia workspace folder names, system temp folder, etc. One exception is the underscore character _, which is normally accepted. A space/whitespace character, while acceptable in most cases, can cause issues with project builds (especially with SYS/BIOS projects) and the GUI Composer runtime. Hence it is recommended to also avoid it.

Note that many CCS Theia files are cached in the user's home folder. The default workspace location is also in the home folder. If the user's username has non-alphanumeric characters, then this would cause issues since the path to there user's home folder is often a folder named the same as the username.

8.1.6. What is the best way to look up a bug?

Visit the TI Bug and Enhancement System. Enter the bug ID in the search box on the upper right. If the search fails, please surround the bug ID with "quotes" and try again.

8.2. Installation

8.2.1. Can I install multiple versions of CCS Theia on my computer?

Yes. Multiple versions of CCS Theia can be installed on the same machine as long as they are installed in different directories.

8.3. Licensing

8.3.1. What is the licensing policy for CCS Theia?

There is no license fee associated with CCS Theia. Users are free to download and install Code Composer Studio without having to purchase a license.

For more details on the license, please refer to Licensing chapter.

8.4. Updates

8.4.1. How do I get updates to CCS Theia?

Under: Help → Check for Updates....

8.5. General IDE

8.5.1. I can not get the Terminal to display anything when running on Windows. How do i fix this?

This is a known issue with CCS Theia 1.0.0 and has been fixed in CCS Theia 1.0.1 and greater.

To workaround the issue in CCS Theia 1.0.0:

  • Browse to [INSTALL DIR]\ccs\theia\resources\app.asar.unpacked\node_modules\node-pty\lib

  • Open windowsConoutConnection.js for editing

  • replace line 72 with:

    var scriptPath = __dirname.replace('app.asar', 'app.asar.unpacked');

8.5.2. How do I clear the Debug Output view?

This is a known issue with CCS Theia 1.0.0 and has been fixed in CCS Theia 1.0.1 and greater.

To workaround the issue in CCS Theia 1.0.0, simply close the Debug Output view and reopen it.

8.5.3. I want to restart CCS Theia with a fresh environment. How do I do this?

CCS Theia caches many files in the user's home folder. To clear these caches. delete:


  • [USER HOME]\AppData\Local\Texas Instruments\CCS\.ccs-server
  • [USER HOME]\AppData\Local\Texas Instruments\CCS\[CCS THEIA INSTALL FOLDER NAME]

Note that the default workspace folder workspace_ccstheia can also be found in the user's home folder. The workspace folder contains the projects imported to CCS Theia. Deleting this folder would delete the projects contained within, hence you may want to back up your projects first.

8.6. Projects

8.6.1. Where are examples for my F28x board when I try to create a new project?

There is a known issue with some C2000Ware versions where no examples will be visible if an F28x board is selected instead of an F28x device. To access the examples, select a Device instead of a Board:


8.6.2. During project build, a ccsLinker.opt file sometimes gets passed to the linker instead of the list of object files. What is this file and when is it used?

The ccsLinker.opt file is generated by CCS Theia and passed to the linker if the list of linker options and input files on the linker command line exceeds the maximum command line length of the host operating system. A project with a large number of object files (.obj) may pass the linker options and input files to the linker via the ccsLinker.opt file rather than directly on the command line.

8.6.3. How can I resolve build error #10234-D: unresolved symbols remain?

This article contains more information about the error and how to resolve it.

In summary, the error is generated by the linker when it is unable to find the definition for the symbol. This typically happens if an object file or library containing the definition for the symbol was not provided to the linker. The build output in the CCS build console should provide information on which object files and libraries are passed to the linker.

To resolve the error, locate the source file or library that contains the definition for the symbol and make sure that it is part of the project.

8.6.4. The Eclipse WORKSPACE_LOC variable is not pointing to my workspace. How do I resolve this?

WORKSPACE_LOC points to the default .metadata location (ex on Windows: [USER HOME]\AppData\Local\Texas Instruments\CCS\.ccs-server\workspace) and not the folder that contains your projects (ex. workspace_ccstheia). Note that while this is the case in CCS Theia, CCS Eclipse worked differently in that both .metadata and project folders typically resided in the same "workspace" folder. This difference is important to keep in mind when importing CCS Eclipse projects to CCS Theia since some CCS Eclipse projects will use WORKSPACE_LOC with the expectation that it is pointing to the root folder location of the CCS projects copied to the workspace folder.

8.7. Debug

8.7.1. Which scripting solution (legacy or new) should I use?

A new scripting solution (CCS Scripting) is available with CCS Theia 1.1+. Both the legacy (DSS) and new scripting (CCS Scripting) solution is available for use. New users have the option to use either. CCS Scripting currently supports a subset of the functionality provided by DSS. However, this will change in future CCS Theia releases as more functionality is added. If the current functionality of CCS Scripting is adequate for your needs, then it is recommended to use it. If not, DSS is still available. Please note that DSS is being deprecated in support.

8.7.2. I get Data Verification errors when loading my program. What does it mean?

See this article on Data Verification Errors

8.7.3. Why isn't printf working when running code in CCS Theia?

Two common errors are running out of heap, and running out of stack. For other errors that cause printf to fail, and how to address them, please see the article Tips For Using Printf.

8.7.4. Why does the debugger switch to the other CPU after I load a program?

There is a known issue with some multi-core environments where loading a program may cause the debugger to automatically select another CPU after program has been loaded. e.g. if a program has been loaded on CPU1, then CCS Theia may select and activate CPU2. This will be fixed in a future release of CCS Theia.