Hardware BreakpointsΒΆ

The hardware breakpoint GEL functions allow you to manipulate basic hardware breakpoints on systems that support this functionality. The same functionality that is currently available through GEL for software breakpoints is available for hardware breakpoints, with the exception that conditional hardware breakpoints are not supported.

  • You can add a type 1 hardware breakpoint at a specified address, if the target supports it.
  • Newly added hardware breakpoints are initially enabled.
  • You can remove a hardware breakpoint at a particular address, regardless of whether it is currently enabled or disabled. The processor will no longer halt if that address is reached.
  • You can remove all hardware breakpoints currently set on the system with a single function call, whether they are in an enabled or disabled state.
  • When attempting to add hardware breakpoints, conflicts with existing breakpoints (hardware or software) are automatically detected and reported.
  • Attempts to add hardware breakpoints beyond what is supported by the hardware are automatically detected, and reported.

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