AM65X_SR1 Processor Descriptions


This chapter provides information of Processor and Host IDs that are permitted in the AM6 SoC. These Processor IDs represent an actual physical processor on the SoC

NOTE: This should not be confused with HOST_ID.

Enumeration of Processor IDs

Processor ID Processor Name Location in SoC
0x20 A53_CL0_C0 COMPUTE_CLUSTER_MSMC0: (Cluster 0 Processor 0)
0x21 A53_CL0_C1 COMPUTE_CLUSTER_MSMC0: (Cluster 0 Processor 1)
0x22 A53_CL1_C0 COMPUTE_CLUSTER_MSMC0: (Cluster 1 Processor 0)
0x23 A53_CL1_C1 COMPUTE_CLUSTER_MSMC0: (Cluster 1 Processor 1)
0x01 R5_CL0_C0 MCU_SEC_MMR0: (Cluster 0 Processor 0)
0x02 R5_CL0_C1 MCU_SEC_MMR0: (Cluster 0 Processor 1)