Quick Start Guide for SimpleLink MSP432E4 SDK

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

This guide is intended to assist users in the initial setup and demonstration of running their first sample application. The guide explains how to install the SimpleLinkTM MSP432E4TM SDK and lists the various other tools required to get started with your first application.

2. Prerequisites

The user is expected to have the following:

3 SDK - Download and Installation

3.1 Using the SDK Online

A quick and easy way to start working with the SDK is to use TI Resource Explorer on dev.ti.com. This online tool lets you explore the contents of the SimpleLink MSP432E4 SDK. You can build the examples directly using the cloud version of Code Composer Studio. If you choose to use the SDK online, there is no need to download anything to your local computer or install any tools.

3.2 Installing the SDK

You can also download the SimpleLink MSP432E4 SDK from TI Resource Explorer or the software product page on TI’s website.

4. Quick Start for CCS IDE (CCS or GCC Projects)

This section is going to cover the required settings for a CCS installation and how to build and load examples

4.1 Download and Installation

Download CCS

During the installation, the following options are recommended:

www.ti.com/lit/pdf/slau575 has more details about MSP432E4 device

4.1.1 Discovering the SDK in CCS

Install the SDK in the default location pointed to by the installer - C:\ti and Re-start CCS. CCS will automatically detect the latest install.

4.2 Running Your First Example

This section will show how to import, build and load an example

4.2.1 TI Resource Explorer

A quick and easy way to start working with the SDK is to use the TI Resource Explorer on dev.ti.com/tirex. Step by step instructions are available here.

4.2.2 Import via CCS IDE

You may have to expand the project in the Project Explorer window to view the target configuration. If you are using the Launchpad, double click on MSP432E401Y.ccxml