Data Fields
SD_Config_ Struct Reference

SD Global configuration. More...

#include <SD.h>

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Data Fields

SD_FxnTable const * fxnTablePtr
void * object
void const * hwAttrs

Detailed Description

SD Global configuration.

The SD_Config structure contains a set of pointers used to characterize the SD driver implementation.

This structure needs to be defined before calling SD_init() and it must not be changed thereafter.

See also

Field Documentation

§ fxnTablePtr

SD_FxnTable const* SD_Config_::fxnTablePtr

Pointer to a table of driver-specific implementations of SD APIs

§ object

void* SD_Config_::object

Pointer to a driver specific data object

§ hwAttrs

void const* SD_Config_::hwAttrs

Pointer to a driver specific hardware attributes structure

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