Data Fields
NVS_Attrs Struct Reference

NVS attributes. More...

#include <NVS.h>

Data Fields

void * regionBase
size_t regionSize
size_t sectorSize

Detailed Description

NVS attributes.

The address of an NVS_Attrs structure is passed to NVS_getAttrs().

See also

Field Documentation

§ regionBase

void* NVS_Attrs::regionBase

Base address of the NVS region. If the NVS region is not directly accessible by the MCU (such as SPI flash), this field will be set to NVS_REGION_NOT_ADDRESSABLE.

§ regionSize

size_t NVS_Attrs::regionSize

NVS region size in bytes.

§ sectorSize

size_t NVS_Attrs::sectorSize

Erase sector size in bytes. This attribute is device specific.

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