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SDSPI.h File Reference

Detailed Description

SD driver implementation built on the TI SPI driver.

The SDSPI header file should be included in an application as follows:

Refer to SD.h for a complete description of APIs & example of use.

This SD driver implementation can be used to communicate with SD cards via a SPI peripheral. This driver leverages the TI SPI driver to transfer data to/from the host processor to the SD card. The SD card chip select is also handled by this driver via the TI GPIO driver. Both the SPI driver instance & the GPIO pin (used as chip select) must be specified in the SDSPI hardware attributes.

Note: This driver requires that the 'defaultTxBufValue' field in the SPI driver hardware attributes be set to '0xFF'.

Data location & alignment

This driver relies on the TI SPI driver to configure the SPI peripheral & perform data transfers. This means that data to be transferred must comply with rules & restrictions set SPI driver (memory alignment & DMA accessibility requirements). Refer to SPI.h & the device specific SPI implementation header files for details.

#include <stdint.h>
#include <ti/drivers/dpl/SemaphoreP.h>
#include <ti/drivers/SD.h>
#include <ti/drivers/SPI.h>
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Data Structures

struct  SDSPI_HWAttrs
 SDSPI Hardware attributes. More...
struct  SDSPI_Object
 SDSPI Object. More...


const SD_FxnTable SDSPI_fxnTable

Variable Documentation

§ SDSPI_fxnTable

const SD_FxnTable SDSPI_fxnTable
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