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DisplayHost.h File Reference

Detailed Description

Display driver for printf-like output.


Driver include

The header file should be included in an application as follows:

Below is an example configuration to use the HOST display.

#define MAXPRINTLEN 1024
DisplayHost_Object displayHostObject;
static char displayBuf[MAXPRINTLEN];
const DisplayHost_HWAttrs displayHostHWAttrs = {
.strBuf = displayBuf,
const Display_Config Display_config[] = {
.object = &displayHostObject,
.hwAttrs = &displayHostHWAttrs
const uint8_t Display_count = sizeof(Display_config) / sizeof(Display_Config);

Calling Context

For TIRTOS based applications, the Display_HOST interface is only callable from Task context. The Display_HOST interface is callable from any context for FreeRTOS based applications.

#include <ti/display/Display.h>
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Data Structures

struct  DisplayHost_HWAttrs
 DisplayHost Attributes. More...
struct  DisplayHost_Object
 DisplayHost Object. More...


typedef struct DisplayHost_HWAttrs DisplayHost_HWAttrs
 DisplayHost Attributes. More...
typedef struct DisplayHost_Object DisplayHost_Object
 DisplayHost Object. More...
typedef struct DisplayHost_ObjectDisplayHost_Handle


void DisplayHost_init (Display_Handle handle)
Display_Handle DisplayHost_open (Display_Handle, Display_Params *params)
void DisplayHost_clear (Display_Handle handle)
void DisplayHost_clearLines (Display_Handle handle, uint8_t fromLine, uint8_t toLine)
void DisplayHost_vprintf (Display_Handle handle, uint8_t line, uint8_t column, char *fmt, va_list va)
void DisplayHost_close (Display_Handle)
int DisplayHost_control (Display_Handle handle, unsigned int cmd, void *arg)
unsigned int DisplayHost_getType (void)


const Display_FxnTable DisplayHost_fxnTable

Typedef Documentation

§ DisplayHost_HWAttrs

DisplayHost Attributes.

The DisplayHost driver uses a buffer for formatting messages, which is then passed to an fwrite() function. The location and size of the buffer are specified in a DisplayHost_HWAttrs structure.

§ DisplayHost_Object

DisplayHost Object.

The application must not access any member variables of this structure!

§ DisplayHost_Handle

Function Documentation

§ DisplayHost_init()

void DisplayHost_init ( Display_Handle  handle)

§ DisplayHost_open()

Display_Handle DisplayHost_open ( Display_Handle  ,
Display_Params params 

§ DisplayHost_clear()

void DisplayHost_clear ( Display_Handle  handle)

§ DisplayHost_clearLines()

void DisplayHost_clearLines ( Display_Handle  handle,
uint8_t  fromLine,
uint8_t  toLine 

§ DisplayHost_vprintf()

void DisplayHost_vprintf ( Display_Handle  handle,
uint8_t  line,
uint8_t  column,
char *  fmt,
va_list  va 

§ DisplayHost_close()

void DisplayHost_close ( Display_Handle  )

§ DisplayHost_control()

int DisplayHost_control ( Display_Handle  handle,
unsigned int  cmd,
void *  arg 

§ DisplayHost_getType()

unsigned int DisplayHost_getType ( void  )

Variable Documentation

§ DisplayHost_fxnTable

const Display_FxnTable DisplayHost_fxnTable
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