TI-15.4 Stack API
Data Fields
ApiMac_sAddr_t Struct Reference

#include <api_mac.h>

Data Fields

union {
   uint16_t   shortAddr
   ApiMac_sAddrExt_t   extAddr
ApiMac_addrType_t addrMode

Detailed Description

MAC address type field structure

Field Documentation

§ shortAddr

uint16_t ApiMac_sAddr_t::shortAddr

16 bit address

§ extAddr

ApiMac_sAddrExt_t ApiMac_sAddr_t::extAddr

Extended address

§ addr

union { ... } ApiMac_sAddr_t::addr

The address can be either a long address or a short address depending the addrMode field.

§ addrMode

ApiMac_addrType_t ApiMac_sAddr_t::addrMode

Address type/mode

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