TI-15.4 Stack API
TI-15.4 Stack API

The following is the application programming interface (API) for the Texas Instruments 802.15.4 MAC software. This API provides an interface to the management and data services of the 802.15.4 stack.

Callback Functions

These functions must be implemented by the application and are used to pass events and data from the MAC to the application. Data accessed through callback function parameters (such as a pointer to data) are only valid for the execution of the function and should not be considered valid when the function returns. These functions execute in the context of the MAC. The callback function implementation should avoid using critical sections and CPU intensive operations. The callback table structure should be setup application then call ApiMac_registerCallbacks() to register the table.

Common Constants and Structures

Initialization and Task Interfaces

Data Interfaces

Management Interfaces

Management Attribute Interfaces

The MAC attributes can be read and written to by use of the following Get and Set functions, which are organized by the attributes data type:

Simplified Security Interfaces

Extension Interfaces

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