SimpleLink™ cc13xx_cc26xx SDK Release Notes

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The SimpleLink™ CC13xx and CC26xx Software Development Kit (SDK) delivers components that enable engineers to develop applications on the Texas Instruments SimpleLink CC13xx and CC26xx family of wireless microcontrollers (MCUs). This software toolkit provides a cohesive and consistent software experience for all SimpleLink CC13xx and CC26xx wireless MCU users by packaging essential software components, such as a Bluetooth® Low Energy (BLE) protocol stack supporting Bluetooth 5.2, Bluetooth Mesh, Thread 1.1.1 networking stack based on OpenThread, Zigbee 3.0 compliant protocol suite, RF-Proprietary examples, TI’s 15.4 Stack, TI Wi-SUN FAN, as well as the TI-RTOS kernel and TI Drivers in one easy-to-use software package along with example applications and documentation. In addition, the Dynamic Multi-Protocol Manager (DMM) software component enables multiprotocol development on a single SimpleLink wireless MCU.

The SimpleLink MCU portfolio offers a single development environment that delivers flexible hardware, software, and tool options for customers developing wired and wireless applications. With 100 percent code reuse across host MCUs, Wi-Fi™, Bluetooth Low Energy, Sub-1GHz devices and more, choose the MCU or connectivity standard that fits your design. A one-time investment with the SimpleLink software development kit allows you to reuse often, opening the door to create unlimited applications. For more information, visit

This is version of the SimpleLink CC13xx/CC26xx SDK.


What’s New

Refer to the Document Overview for the individual release notes and details for starting development with each SDK component.

Refer to the included Change Log for a summary of new features and fixed issues since the last SDK release.

Upcoming Features TI-RTOS7

We are excited to announce new upcoming features being supported in the CC13xx and CC26xx SDK.

Between the July-2021 (5.20.00) and the October-2022 SDKs (6.30.00) TI will be releasing significant improvements to this SDK by supporting the new TI-RTOS7 update.

We recommend customers who are starting new development programs to leverage the latest available RTOS and compiler technology when available.

What to expect in this SDK roadmap:

RTOS Timeline

Version Date SYS/BIOS 6.x.x TI-RTOS7
5.20.00 July-2021 Library support and nearly all examples ported to TI Clang Not Available
5.30.00 - 6.20.00 Sept-2021 - July-2022 No new examples added. Individual SDK Components will be removing example support. TI-RTOS7 Kernel Available. Existing examples porting to TI-RTOS7.
6.30.00 October-2022 TI-RTOS 6 kernel, UIA and XDCTools dependency removed from SDK. Full SDK support for TI-RTOS7 on all products and components.

SDK Component Support Status:

SDK Component TI Clang Recommended for Production TI-RTOS7 Example Support
TI 15.4 Stack
TI Proprietary RF
TI Bluetooth(R) 5 (BLE5-Stack)
TI OpenThread Partial
TI Z-Stack
TI Drivers
TI DriverLib

For more information on the TI Clang Compiler see TI Arm Clang Compiler Tools User’s Guide

For more information on TI-RTOS7 - Look for the TI-RTOS7 User's Guide and release notes in the 6.20.00 CC13xx and CC26xx SDK.

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

Operating System Support


SimpleLink CC13xx/CC26xx SDK was built & tested on a Windows host platform using the following Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) and components. Using an IDE or toolchain version not listed below may result in compatibility issues with this SDK release. Refer to the individual component release notes in the Document Overview for each component’s supported code generation tools.

Device Support

This SDK supports the following SimpleLink CC13xx and CC26xx wireless MCUs:

Sub-1GHz Devices 2.4GHz Devices Dual Band Devices
CC1311P3 CC2642R CC1352P
CC1311R3 CC2642R-Q1 CC1352P7
CC1312R CC2651P3 CC1352R
CC1312R7 CC2651R3

Development Board Support

Please see the LaunchPad User Manual for more information on using the individual LaunchPads:

Known Issues


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