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MCSDK  3_01_04_07

Build date: 10022015

Due to U.S. Export Administration Regulations changes effective September 20, 2016, all TI software previously classified as "ECCN= 5D002, License Exception TSU" is now classified as "ECCN= Publicly Available".

Release Information

This is a post production release for the MCSDK 3.1.0 release.

This Multicore Software Development Kit (MCSDK) provides foundational software for K2H, K2K, K2E, and K2L KeyStone II devices.
It encapsulates a collection of software elements and tools intended to enable rapid customer application development.

Supported Platforms


Supported Device

Supported EVM


TCI6636K2H, 66AK2H06, 66AK2H12, 66AK2H14






TCI6630K2L, 66AK2L06



66AK2E05, 66AK2E02, AM5K2E02, AM5K2E04


Software Defects
A list of software defects can be found here.

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Note: When asking for help in the forum you should tag your posts in the Subject with “MCSDK”, the part number (e.g., “66AK2H12”),
and any specific component (e.g., “MPM”).


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MCSDK Product Downloads
Title Description Size
MCSDK Documentation
Release Notes Release notes highlighting new features and known issues 992K
Software Manifest Software manifest providing licensing and export control information 1468K
Getting Started Guide Link to online wiki outlining the steps required to get started using MCSDK
User Guide Link to online wiki that contains detailed information on capabilities of the software and information on developing with MCSDK
MCSDK Software
mcsdk_3_01_04_07_setupwin32.exe MCSDK installer for Windows-32bit containing DSP sources for Windows host 1510396K
mcsdk_3_01_04_07_setuplinux.bin MCSDK installer for Linux containing both DSP and ARM sources for Linux host 4872316K
mcsdk_3_01_04_07.tar.gz MCSDK release tar ball containing full source for host or target 4872312K
mcsdk-3_01_04_07.arago.src.tar.gz MCSDK ARM Arago source tarball 6618504K
CCS v6.1.0.00104 Code Composer Studio (CCS) is the integrated development environment for TI's SOCs, containing compilers for each of TI's DSP, source code editor, project build environment, debugger, profiler, simulators and many other features
ti_emupack_keystone2_setup_1.1.1.0.bin KeyStone II emupack Linux installer (Gel files and XML files) for CCS
ti_emupack_keystone2_setup_1.1.1.0.exe KeyStone II emupack Windows installer (Gel files and XML files) for CCS
Optional Addons
Related Software Additional software elements not included in MCSDK
Previous Release
MCSDK 3.1.3 MCSDK Release (March 27, 2015)
MD5 Checksum 4K
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