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DESKTOP-LINUX-SDK  01_00_03_00

Build date: 10232014

Release Information

This is the Maintenance release for R1.0.2 Desktop Linux SDK

The Desktop Linux SDK package provides a software development environment to help offload highly compute intensive processing from a desktop Linux PC to power efficient TI C66x multi-core DSPs through the PCIE interface.

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Supported Platforms


Platform Development Kit

Supported Devices

Supported platforms



TMDSEVM6678L, DSPC-8681E, DSPC-8682E

Software Defects
None (this is the first release)


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DESKTOP-LINUX-SDK Product Downloads
Title Description Size
desktop-linux-sdk_01_00_03_00_32bit_setuplinux.bin Desktop Linux SDK Package for Linux (32 bit) 4200K
desktop-linux-sdk_01_00_03_00_64bit_setuplinux.bin Desktop Linux SDK Package for Linux (64 bit) 4232K
Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS. \nAfter installing Ubuntu linux the following packages are required to be installed using sudo apt-get install :libpciaccess-dev, binutils-dev
Dependencies for DSP build
CCS v5.0.3.00028 This is the TI Code Composer Studio IDE. It contains the IDE, CodeGen Tools, debugger and base components such as BIOS, IPC and so forth.
BIOS-MCSDK 02.01.02 BIOS MCSDK 02.01.02 package
Code Gen 7.2.4 Windows Codegen Tools for Windows
Code Gen 7.2.4 Linux Codegen Tools for Linux
desktop-linux-sdk_01_00_03_00_releasenotes.pdf Desktop Linux SDK Release Notes and Licensing overview 844K
Getting Started Getting started guide wiki
Development Guide Development guide wiki
Previous Releases
DESKTOP-LINUX-SDK Maintenance Release DESKTOP-LINUX-SDK Maintenance Release (March. 13, 2014 )
MD5 Checksums 4K
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