6.2.8. Flashing eMMC on BeagleBone Black via SD Card Overview

This documentation provides the flow and script for programming the eMMC on a BeagleBone Black solely via micro SD Card. This solution will work with a completely blank board / EVM. This solution can be used as a base to create a custom production programming solution. A host Linux PC with the most current Processor SDK will be needed to create a bootable SD card.

In order to accomplish this goal, two main objectives need to happen:

  1. Create a bootable USB using the SDK’s SD Card Creation script with our Linux PC.
  2. Use the included sd-card-flasher script on the EVM to repartition and reformat the eMMC. What is Needed Preparing the SD Card

  • Follow the steps outlined in the Linux SD Card Creation Guide.

  • For this guide, it is recommended to follow the steps to create an “SD Card Using Default Images.”

  • Once the SD Card has been created with default images, copy the included sd-card-flasher.sh to the /home/root/ directory in the rootfs partition of the SD Card:

    sudo cp <PATH-TO-FLASHER>/flasher.sh <PATH-TO-SD-CARD>/rootfs/home/root/
  • Verify flasher script has been copied to SD card:

    sudo ls <PATH-TO-SD-CARD>/rootfs/home/root/
  • Copy rootfs from SDK to SD card:

    sudo cp <PROCESSOR-SDK>/filesystem/tisdk-default-image-am335x-evm.tar.xz
  • Verify rootfs tarball has been copied to SD card:

    sudo ls <PATH-TO-SD-CARD>/rootfs/home/root/ Booting EVM and Running Partition Script

  • Connect EVM to UART console via Serial Debug Cable

  • Insert SD Card into EVM

  • Boot and power on EVM from SD Card.


    The BeagleBone Black can be booted from an SD Card by simply holding down the USER/BOOT button on the board before powering it on.

  • Once the EVM has booted, login with root permissions.

  • Invoke sd-card-flasher.sh script. It will be located in the /home/root/ directory:

  • If the eMMC has successfully been programmed, the script will output a successful flash message.

  • Power off EVM, and remove SD Card

  • Power EVM back on to ensure eMMC has been flashed