6.2.7. How to Boot Beagle Bone Black with Processor SDK LinuxΒΆ


By default, BeagleBone Black EVM boots with the Debian image on eMMC. This page describes two ways to boot a BeagleBone Black EVM with Processor SDK Linux. First, create an SD card with processor SDK Linux (SDK Create SD Card Script, Creating a SD Card with Windows). Then, choose either of the two procedures below to boot with Processor SDK Linux.

Press S2 Button

With the SD card plugged in, simply keep button S2 pressed while powering up the BeagleBone Black EVM. This needs to be executed every time powering up the EVM to use Processor SDK Linux.

Erase eMMC

With the SD card plugged in, stop at uboot. Then run the following two commands to erase eMMC.

mmc dev 1
mmc erase 100 2800

With eMMC erased (one-time change), the booting falls back to use the SD card. Power cycle the BeagleBone Black EVM to boot with Processor SDK Linux.