Power Management OverviewΒΆ

Power Management Overview

Reducing the power consumption of a device for a specific use-case requires coordination between multiple software and hardware frameworks. Power Management techniques can broadly be classified into two categories: Dynamic Power Management and Static Power Management.

Dynamic Power Management

Dynamic Power Management techniques reduce the active power consumption of the SoC when the system is actively performing tasks. Dynamic PM also optimizes the idle power consumption in between tasks, when an individual device or CPU is idle for relatively short duration.

The dynamic power management features enabled on AM335x devices are as follows:

  1. DVFS

  2. CPUIdle

Static Power Management

Static Power Management ensures the SoC is drawing minimum power when no use-case is running and the system is inactive for relatively long duration. This is accomplished by leveraging the low power modes supported by the SoC and the System Sleep States supported by the Linux kernel.