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Release Information

Thank you for your interest in the K2E Software Development Kit (SDK). If you would like to install the full SDK on a Linux Host computer for development, you’ll need te K2E Linux SDK Essentials below

Supported Platforms
PlatformSupported DevicesSupported EVMs
K2E66AK2E02, 66AK2E05, AM5K2E02, AM5K2E04K2Ex EVM (EVMK2EX)

More Information
If you’d like more information on all of these choices, please refer to the Processor SDK Linux Getting Started Guide (GSG) below or the latest version here. For a complete overview of the SDK, please refer to the Processor SDK Linux Software Developer’s Guide (SDG) below or the latest version here.

PROCESSOR-SDK-LINUX-RT-K2E Product downloads

Title Description Size
K2E Linux SDK Essentials
ti-processor-sdk-linux-rt-k2e-evm- K2E EVM Linux SDK (64-bit Binary) 2062464K
K2E Linux SDK Optional Addons Code Composer Studio IDE for Windows Host
CCS9.3.0.00012_linux-x64.tar.gz Code Composer Studio IDE for Linux Host
K2E Linux SDK Individual Components (all of the below compoonents are bundled within the Linux SDK Essentials package)
Download ARM Toolchain Standalone ARM Toolchain - ARM GCC 8.3 2019.03 hard-float toolchain
k2e-evm-linux-rt-sdk-src- K2E Linux SDK BSP Source Code 527716K
k2e-evm-linux-rt-sdk-bin- K2E Linux SDK prebuilt BSP binaries and root filesystem 607904K
K2E Linux SDK Arago Source Tarball
k2e-evm-linux-rt-sdk-arago-src- K2E Linux SDK Arago source downloads 8K
K2E Linux SDK Documentation
Processor SDK Linux Release Notes Link to Release Notes for Processor SDK Linux
K2Ex EVM Quick Start Guide Quick Start Guide that was included in the EVM kit
Processor SDK Linux Getting Started Guide Getting Started Guide
Processor SDK Linux Developer Guide Link to the online Software Developers Guide which has the latest content
Software Manifest Software Manifest of Components Inside the SDK 1912K
K2E Linux SDK Checksums
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K
Previous SDK Link
Processor SDK Linux RT for K2E v06.01.00.08 Download Link to Processor SDK Linux RT for K2E Download Page

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