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MSP-CAPT-FR2633 MCU Development Kit

The MSP-CAPT-FR2633 MCU Development Kit is an easy to use evaluation platform for the MSP430FR2633 microcontroller featuring CapTIvate™ Capacitive Touch Technology. It contains everything needed to start developing on the MSP430™ ultra-low-power (ULP) FRAM-based microcontroller (MCU) platform, including on-board emulation for programming, debugging and energy measurements. The MSP430FR2633 MCU features a new CapTIvate™ Capacitive Touch Technology, supporting self and mutual capacitive sensors, and embedded FRAM (ferroelectric random access memory), a nonvolatile memory known for its ultra-low power, high endurance, and high-speed write access.


This download page includes open-source schematics, layout, bill of materials (BOM), Gerber files, and documentation for the MSP-CAPT-FR2633 MCU Development Kit

Included Kit PCB Contents

MSP-CAPT-FR2633 Product downloads

Title Description Size
MSP-CAPT-FR2633 Hardware MSP-CAPT-FR2633 Hardware Design Files 8136K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 4K
MSP-CAPT-FR2633 Design Documentation
MSP-CAPT-FR2633 MCU Development Kit Users Guide Users Guide

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