AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00

Detailed Description

Structure containing the port delay values of the local and remote.

Data Fields

uint32_t rxDelayLocal
uint32_t txDelayLocal
uint32_t rxDelayRemote
uint32_t txDelayRemote
uint32_t cableDelay

Field Documentation

◆ rxDelayLocal

uint32_t ptcpPortDelayVal_t::rxDelayLocal

Local RX port delay

◆ txDelayLocal

uint32_t ptcpPortDelayVal_t::txDelayLocal

Local TX port delay

◆ rxDelayRemote

uint32_t ptcpPortDelayVal_t::rxDelayRemote

Remote RX port delay

◆ txDelayRemote

uint32_t ptcpPortDelayVal_t::txDelayRemote

Remote TX port delay

◆ cableDelay

uint32_t ptcpPortDelayVal_t::cableDelay

Cable delay calculated by device