AM64x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00

Detailed Description

Parameters passed during HwiP_construct.

Data Fields

uint32_t intNum
HwiP_FxnCallback callback
void * args
uint16_t eventId
uint8_t priority
uint8_t isFIQ
uint8_t isPulse

Field Documentation

◆ intNum

uint32_t HwiP_Params::intNum

CPU interrupt number.

◆ callback

HwiP_FxnCallback HwiP_Params::callback

Callback to call when interrupt is received

◆ args

void* HwiP_Params::args

Arguments to pass to the callback

◆ eventId

uint16_t HwiP_Params::eventId

Event ID to register against, only used with c6x with event combiner

◆ priority

uint8_t HwiP_Params::priority

Interrupt priority, only used with ARM R5, ARM M4

◆ isFIQ

uint8_t HwiP_Params::isFIQ

0: Map interrupt as ISR, 1: map interrupt as FIQ, only used with ARM R5

◆ isPulse

uint8_t HwiP_Params::isPulse

0: Map interrupt as level interrupt, 1: Map interrupt as pulse interrupt, only used with ARM R5, ARM M4