AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
UART_Transaction Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Data structure used with UART_read() and UART_write()

Data Fields

void * buf
uint32_t count
uint32_t timeout
uint32_t status
void * args

Field Documentation

◆ buf

void* UART_Transaction::buf

[IN] void * to a buffer with data to be transferred . This parameter can't be NULL

◆ count

uint32_t UART_Transaction::count

[IN/OUT] Number of bytes for this transaction. This is input incase of read/write call and on API return this represents number of bytes actually read by the API

◆ timeout

uint32_t UART_Transaction::timeout

Timeout for this transaction in units of system ticks

◆ status

uint32_t UART_Transaction::status

[OUT] UART_TransferStatus code

◆ args

void* UART_Transaction::args

[IN] Argument to be passed to the callback function