AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00
RPMessage_CreateParams Struct Reference

Detailed Description

Parameters passed to RPMessage_construct.

It is recommended to set defaults using RPMessage_CreateParams_init and then override with user specified parameters.

When recvCallback is enabled, RPMessage_recv API should not be used and will always return failure. In this case, the received message is read and made available in the callback itself and the message needs to be consumed in the callback itself.
When recvNotifyCallback is enabled, RPMessage_recv API still needs to used to read the message. The callback just informs there are one or more messages are pending.

Data Fields

uint16_t localEndPt
RPMessage_RecvCallback recvCallback
void * recvCallbackArgs
RPMessage_RecvNotifyCallback recvNotifyCallback
void * recvNotifyCallbackArgs

Field Documentation

◆ localEndPt

uint16_t RPMessage_CreateParams::localEndPt

local end point at which to listen for received mesages

◆ recvCallback

RPMessage_RecvCallback RPMessage_CreateParams::recvCallback

Optional callback to invoke when a message is received at this end point

◆ recvCallbackArgs

void* RPMessage_CreateParams::recvCallbackArgs

Arguments to pass to the recvCallback callback

◆ recvNotifyCallback

RPMessage_RecvNotifyCallback RPMessage_CreateParams::recvNotifyCallback

Optional callback to notify user when a message is received at this end point. If recvCallback is set, then this callback is not used

◆ recvNotifyCallbackArgs

void* RPMessage_CreateParams::recvNotifyCallbackArgs

Arguments to pass to the recvNotifyCallback callback