AM62Ax MCU+ SDK  09.00.00



int32_t SDL_LBIST_selfTest (SDL_LBIST_inst instance, SDL_LBIST_testType testType)
 LBIST self test. More...
int32_t SDL_LBIST_checkResult (SDL_LBIST_inst instance, bool *pResult)
 Check the result of the LBIST test. More...
uint8_t SDL_LBIST_checkDone (SDL_LBIST_inst instance)
 Check the status of the LBIST test. More...

Function Documentation

◆ SDL_LBIST_selfTest()

int32_t SDL_LBIST_selfTest ( SDL_LBIST_inst  instance,
SDL_LBIST_testType  testType 

LBIST self test.

This function executes an LBIST self test of the specified type for a specific LBIST instance. The test types supported are defined in SDL_LBIST_testType. LBIST is a feature that is used for self test of the logic circuitry in the SoC. Multiple instances may be supported. Note: The LBIST test is destructive to the cores/IP which are being tested. Therefore it should be executed from a different core than the one under test. It is important to note that execution of LBIST self-tests require preparation of the IPS under test by bringing them to a certain power and reset state before executing the test. The application must take care of this sequence before executing the self-test. The SDL examples give a reference for the necessary sequences. The LBIST instances supported are specific to the SoC, and are defined in the soc-specific header file.

instance[IN] LBIST instance
testType[IN] LBIST test type to run.
The SDL error code for the API. If pResult is NULL: SDL_EBADARGS If testType is invalid: SDL_EBADARGS If other error happened: SDL_EFAIL Success: SDL_PASS

◆ SDL_LBIST_checkResult()

int32_t SDL_LBIST_checkResult ( SDL_LBIST_inst  instance,
bool *  pResult 

Check the result of the LBIST test.

This function checks the result of the LBIST test. It compares the calculated and expected MISR's. If the signatures match, pResult will be TRUE else FALSE. This API should be called only after SDL_LBIST_checkDone returns LBIST_DONE.

instance[IN] LBIST instance
pResult[OUT] Pointer to variable to indicate result.
SDL_PASS Function completed successfully SDL_EBADARGS Function returned failure

◆ SDL_LBIST_checkDone()

uint8_t SDL_LBIST_checkDone ( SDL_LBIST_inst  instance)

Check the status of the LBIST test.

This function checks the status of LBIST test. If the test is not completed, it will return LBIST_NOT_DONE. If the test is completed, it will return LBIST_DONE.

instance[IN] LBIST instance
LBIST_DONE LBIST test completed successfully LBIST_NOT_DONE LBIST test failed.