AM263x MCU+ SDK  08.02.00

Detailed Description

UART driver object.

Data Fields

UART_Handle handle
UART_Params prms
const void * writeBuf
uint32_t writeCount
uint32_t writeSizeRemaining
void * readBuf
uint32_t readCount
uint32_t readSizeRemaining
uint32_t rxTimeoutCnt
uint32_t readErrorCnt
uint32_t isOpen
void * lock
SemaphoreP_Object lockObj
void * readTransferSem
SemaphoreP_Object readTransferSemObj
void * writeTransferSem
SemaphoreP_Object writeTransferSemObj
void * hwiHandle
HwiP_Object hwiObj
void * uartDmaHandle

Field Documentation

◆ handle

UART_Handle UART_Object::handle

Instance handle to which this object belongs

◆ prms

UART_Params UART_Object::prms

Open parameter as provided by user

◆ writeBuf

const void* UART_Object::writeBuf

Buffer data pointer

◆ writeCount

uint32_t UART_Object::writeCount

Number of Chars sent

◆ writeSizeRemaining

uint32_t UART_Object::writeSizeRemaining

Chars remaining in buffer

◆ readBuf

void* UART_Object::readBuf

Buffer data pointer

◆ readCount

uint32_t UART_Object::readCount

Number of Chars read

◆ readSizeRemaining

uint32_t UART_Object::readSizeRemaining

Chars remaining in buffer

◆ rxTimeoutCnt

uint32_t UART_Object::rxTimeoutCnt

Receive timeout error count

◆ readErrorCnt

uint32_t UART_Object::readErrorCnt

Line status error count

◆ readTrans

UART_Transaction* UART_Object::readTrans

Pointer to the current read transaction

◆ writeTrans

UART_Transaction* UART_Object::writeTrans

Pointer to the current write transaction

◆ isOpen

uint32_t UART_Object::isOpen

Flag to indicate whether the instance is opened already

◆ lock

void* UART_Object::lock

Instance lock - to protect across transfers

◆ lockObj

SemaphoreP_Object UART_Object::lockObj

Driver lock object

◆ readTransferSem

void* UART_Object::readTransferSem

Read Transfer Sync Sempahore - to sync between transfer completion ISR and task

◆ readTransferSemObj

SemaphoreP_Object UART_Object::readTransferSemObj

Read Transfer Sync Sempahore object

◆ writeTransferSem

void* UART_Object::writeTransferSem

Write Transfer Sync Sempahore - to sync between transfer completion ISR and task

◆ writeTransferSemObj

SemaphoreP_Object UART_Object::writeTransferSemObj

Write Transfer Sync Sempahore object

◆ hwiHandle

void* UART_Object::hwiHandle

Interrupt handle for master ISR

◆ hwiObj

HwiP_Object UART_Object::hwiObj

Interrupt object

◆ uartDmaHandle

void* UART_Object::uartDmaHandle

Pointer to current transaction struct