Sensor ControllerΒΆ

The Sensor Controller (SC) is an autonomous processor within the CC2640R2F.

The Sensor Controller can control peripherals independently of the main CPU. For example, the main CPU does not have to wake up to execute an ADC sample or poll a digital sensor over SPI. This saves both current and wake-up time that would otherwise be wasted. A PC tool lets you configure the Sensor Controller and choose which peripherals are controlled and which conditions wake up the main CPU. Sensor Controller Studio (SCS) is a stand-alone IDE to develop and compile microcode for execution on the Sensor Controller. Refer to Sensor Controller Studio Help for more details and documentation on the Sensor Controller.

  1. Install the Sensor Controller Studio. Sensor Controller Studio can be downloaded from the following link: Sensor Controller Studio
  2. Find documentation in Sensor Controller Studio by pressing F1 or by going to Help -> Sensor Controller Studio Help