Over the Air Download (OAD)

This section serves as a guide to the Texas Instruments Over-the-Air Download (OAD) ecosystem including the custom profile specification, application architecture, drivers, and middleware. OAD is a device firmware upgrade method that allows the firmware image running on a device to be updated over the air using a Bluetooth low energy connection while providing power loss protection.

The guide will cover the principles of the OAD process, the out of the box examples included in the SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK, and the process for adding OAD to an existing project.


Updating the device firmware over serial (UART or SPI) connection from a host MCU using the CC26xx embedded ROM Serial Bootloader (SBL) is covered in application note CC2538/CC26xx Bootloader Interface (SWRA466).

The OAD guide section will cover:

  • OAD theory of operation and architecture
  • How to run the OAD examples included in the SimpleLink CC2640R2 SDK
  • How to add OAD to an existing sample application

The supported development kit for OAD is the CC2640R2 Launchpad. To follow the procedures listed in this guide, two CC2640R2 Launchpad development kits are required.

Table of contents

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