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 L2CAP Channel Identifiers
 L2CAP Channel States
 L2CAP Channel Terminated Event Reason Values
 L2CAP Command Reject Reason Codes
 L2CAP Connection Parameter Update Response Result Values
 L2CAP Connection Response Result Values
 L2CAP Information Request/Response Info Types
 L2CAP Proprietary Event Codes (type of events)
 L2CAP Signaling Codes (type of commands)
 LE Protocol/Service Multiplexer values


 Length of Extended Features bit mask.
#define L2CAP_FIXED_CHANNELS   0x00000080
 Fixed channels are supported.
 Fixed Channel ATT is supported.
 Fixed Channel L2CAP Signaling is supported.
 Length of Fixed Channels bit mask.
 Fixed Channel SMP is supported.
#define L2CAP_HDR_SIZE   4
 Basic L2CAP header: Length (2 bytes) + Channel ID (2 bytes)
#define L2CAP_INFO_NOT_SUPPORTED   0x0001
 L2CAP Not supported.
#define L2CAP_INFO_SUCCESS   0x0000
 L2CAP Success.
#define L2CAP_LEN_FIELD_SIZE   2
 SDU Length field size.
#define L2CAP_MTU_SIZE   23
 Minimum supported information payload for the Basic information frame (B-frame)
 Default maximum number of L2CAP Connection Oriented Channels.
 Default maximum number of L2CAP Protocol/Service Multiplexers (PSM)
 L2CAP PDU Size. More...
#define L2CAP_RTX_TIMEOUT   30
 L2CAP Response Timeout Expired (RTX) More...
#define L2CAP_SDU_SIZE   512
 Maximum SDU size (PSM's MTU) that can be received on a Connection Oriented Channel.
#define L2CAP_SIG_MTU_SIZE   23
 Minimum supported information payload for the Control frame (C-frame)

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Minimum size of PDU received from lower layer protocol (incoming packet), or delivered to lower layer protocol (outgoing packet).


#define L2CAP_RTX_TIMEOUT   30

L2CAP Response Timeout Expired (RTX)

The RTX value is for Signaling commands (in seconds). The RTX timer is used for response timeout or to terminate a dynamic channel when the remote device is unresponsive to signaling requests. Its value may range from 1 to 60 seconds.

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