Sensor Controller Studio

Main Window

The Sensor Controller Studio main window can be divided into four main sections:

  • The menu bar and toolbar (at the top)
  • The project tree (to the left)
  • The panel section (to the right)
  • The status bar (at the bottom)

Project Tree and Panels

The project tree provides an overview of currently open projects, and it allows for quick navigation through Sensor Controller Studio panels.

Each entry in the project tree corresponds to a panel to be displayed in the panel section. The panel hierarchy consists of the following panels:

The following panel(s) are not displayed in the project tree:

Panel Navigation

Panels can be navigated using menus and keyboard shortcuts:

Panels can also be navigated using the mouse:

  • By clicking in the project tree
  • Backward mouse button moves to the previously visited panel
  • Forward mouse button moves back to the next visited panel, after using the backward mouse button
    • The “forward history” is deleted when performing other types of navigation

Help System

The integrated help document viewer can be accessed as follows:

  • Through the Start Page Panel and the Help menu
  • Press F1 to display documentation on the currently displayed panel when the mouse cursor is over the panel section, or this page otherwise
  • Press F2 to display the Task Code Language Reference
  • Task Panel : Click on a “?” button in the task resource list to display documentation on the selected resource
  • Task Code Editor Panel : Double-click on one of the listed procedures to display documentation on this (and the associated resource)

Command Line Interface

Use the code generation Command Line Interface for build automation.