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The DSP Library (DSPLIB) is a collection of high-level optimized DSP function modules for the C55x DSP platform. This
source-code library includes C-callable functions (ANSI-C language compatible) for general signal processing math and
vector functions that have been ported to C55x DSPs. The functions listed in the features section are specifically
optimized for the C55x DSPs.


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TMS320C55X-DSP-Library Product Downloads
Title Description Size
No Login SPRC100-C55_DSPLIB- v03.00.00.03 5964K
No Login TMS320C55x DSP Library Programmer's Reference (Rev. J) TMS320C55x DSP Library Programmer's Reference (Rev. J) 424K
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Previous Releases
SPRC100 - TMS320C55x DSP Library v2.04.00.00 Released - 10 APR 2007
No Login MD5 Checksums 4K

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