Vision Apps Release Notes

Version: 09.02.00


  1. Introduction
  2. Licensing
  3. Getting Started
  4. Documentation
  5. What's New
  6. Upgrade and Compatibility Information
  7. Device Support
  8. Validation Information
  9. Fixed Issues
  10. Open Defects
  11. Known Issues
  12. Change Requests
  13. Technical Support
  14. Package Versioning


The Vision Apps package consists of ADAS, vision, deep learning, perception demos/applications for Jacinto 7 platform

To run the demos in vision apps, the companion Processor SDK Linux for Jacinto 7 also needs to be downloaded separately.


Refer to Processor SDK RTOS manifest at top level [HTML]

Getting Started

The Vision Apps User Guide [HTML] provides the documentation and references necessary to begin development on TI's platforms using Vision Apps.


Refer to following documentation for further details:

Vision Apps User Guide Build instructions, API Guide [HTML]
Surround View Manual Calibration Tool Instructions for Generating Calibration Binaries [PDF]
Release Notes Archive Previous release notes [FOLDER]

What's New

New features in this release are highlighted in bold

Upgrade and Compatibility Information

No upgrade and compatibility changes since previous release.

Device Support

Refer Processor SDK RTOS release notes [HTML]

Validation Information

The tools used to validate this package are listed in top level user guide [HTML]

Fixed Issues

ID Summary
ADASVISION-6232 Missing global build defines for QNX build
ADASVISION-6204 CSI-TX throughput does not meet 30 fps at 1500 Mbps lanespeed for 4 channels
ADASVISION-6198 PSDK Linux ADAS Fails to Build HS-SE and HS-FS Binaries
ADASVISION-6192 Removal of APP_ENABLE_REMOTE_SERVICE_RECEIVE_TASK in app_remote_service_linux.c
ADASVISION-6178 Search function not working on all Linux SDK pages
ADASVISION-6157 sdk_builder/setup_psdk_rtos: core-secdev-k3 repo clone should not use git protocol
ADASVISION-6145 Make uboot in linux installer causes boot issues
ADASVISION-6124 sFile IO utility results in bus error for fwrite operation in certain scenarios
ADASVISION-6123 Vision_apps: AVP/AVP3 fails exactly after 32 times
ADASVISION-6090 Perf Stats can not print full list of task loads
ADASVISION-6041 Wrong TIFS version number in RTOS SDK Manifest
ADASVISION-4039 Frame drops in 8 camera, 30 fps demo

Open Defects

ID Summary
ADASVISION-6212 MACRO RGB888_TO_RGB565 should be RGB888_TO_BGR565 in the Draw2D utility
ADASVISION-6199 Race Conditions in c7x-mma-tidl and tiadalg builds
ADASVISION-6136 libC7120-host-emulation not used for x86 emulation
ADASVISION-6108 Fix False Positive in QNX SPL with MCU1_0 Enabled
ADASVISION-6064 [J784s4] MSMC Cache reserve region is not considered in
ADASVISION-5968 Lower Than Expected Decoder Performance on Multi-Cam Codec Test App
ADASVISION-5912 Fix False Results on Vision Apps Init Test Scriplet
ADASVISION-5955 eDP to HDMI adaptors are failing
ADASVISION-5918 Codec app compiler warnings with GCC 11.3
ADASVISION-5892 Remove unnecessary files from SafeRTOS build
ADASVISION-5849 [J784s4] Graph hangs in delete callback of tidl node in C7x when multiple graphs are created and deleted
ADASVISION-5798 HDMI display from infotainment board not rendering image
ADASVISION-5774 Glitches seen on stereo app for J784S4 with safertos
ADASVISION-5758 Enable en_out_ldc_write cause freeze in Multi Cam Demo
ADASVISION-5734 App_multi_cam_codec decode framerate drops for more than 2 channels
ADASVISION-5726 CPU is hitting 100% when using gst-launch for both encode and decode using appsink, appsrc
ADASVISION-5673 Permission issue can occur when running the vision apps script incorrectly
ADASVISION-5669 SCIserver should use UART logs instead of appLogPrintf
ADASVISION-5575 Graphics bar not rendering properly for all CPU's on J7AHP
ADASVISION-5555 SDE disparity artifacts on EVM
ADASVISION-5393 AVP4 freezes in first second of running
ADASVISION-5100 Peak DDR BW numbers seem too high for some demos
ADASVISION-5034 [Doc]: Details about 8-channels/camera usecase
ADASVISION-4924 EtherCAT Slave Demo is not working
ADASVISION-4923 Single cam error on ports other than port 1 after running multi cam
ADASVISION-4386 QNX SBL debug binaries not working on R5F
ADASVISION-4196 SRV crash occasionally observed
ADASVISION-4080 QNX: SRV File I/O failing with specific car model

Known Issues

ID Summary Workaround
ADASVISION-5060 Long duration run of vision apps tidl object detection demo hangs at high usage of A72 1. Ask customers to have TI review board design
2. Determine if sample has gone through full TMS production testing from die ID.
Ask die ID using:
devmem2 0x43000020 – for die id 0
devmem2 0x43000024 – for die id 1
devmem2 0x43000028 – for die id 2
devmem2 0x4300002C – for die id 3
Send die ID to TI.
ADASVISION-4345 SteamFIFO overflow observed in long run > 6hrs when using D3 IMX390 CM cameras Upgrade to D3 IMX390 RCM cameras
ADASVISION-4199 HDMI Display error with ethernet firmware

Change Requests

ID Headline Original Fix Version New Fix Version
JACINTOREQ-6650 Defer BAM enablement on J7 to SDK 10.0 09.01.00 10.00.00

Technical Support

For technical support and additional assistance, contact local TI Field Application Engineer

Package Versioning

Each package version is composed of 4 period-delimited numbers - represented here by the letters M, m, p and b [M.m.p.b]. The table below provides a descriptive reference regarding package version numbering.

Digit Meaning Description
1 (M=Major) Major revision Incremented when the new version is substantially different from the previous For example, a new module added or an existing module's algorithm significantly altered.
2 (m=minor) Minor revision Incremented when the new version has changed but not in a major way. For example, some minor changes in the API or feature set.
3 (p=patch) Patch number Incremented for all other source code changes. This include any packaging support code.
4 (b=build) Build number Incremented for each release delivery to CM. Reset for any change to M, m or p

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