4.18. Release notes - 06_00_01

4.18.1. What’s New


Only regression testing is performed based on the changes. Full testing will be done in 6.01.00 release

This is a patch release on top of the 6.00.00 release to address below key features and bugs. Refer respective component release notes for details on the changes.

  1. J721E Beta board support with Leo PMIC processor board

  2. Support for TI MM RTOS decoder package consisting H.264 decoder (library and source package)

  3. 4 channel 3D Surround view demo using VISS, GPU, FPDLink 2MP Cameras, HDMI Display

  4. AR233 sensor support

  5. DSS BT601 discrete sync support in DSS RTOS driver

  6. Improved stability and performance for Auto Valet Parking Demos

  7. Critical bugs fixes related to stability seen in Ethernet and Imaging demos

  8. EDP display interoperability issue and hot-plug-detect (HPD) support

This release in tested on the below HW platforms,

  1. J721E SoC and J721E EVM

  2. eDP output from J721E EVM

  3. MMC/SD, eMMC, OSPI, UART, Ethernet from J721E EVM

  4. Infotainment daughter card, required for HDMI display demos

  5. Fusion1 with UB960 FPD link daughter card with 4x UB953-IMX390 FPD Link sensors, required for CSI2RX capture demos

  6. GESI daughter card, required for some 8 port ethernet switch demos

Some of the key software features are listed below (already supported in earlier releases),

  1. Linux on A72 and SysBIOS on R5F, C6x, C7x CPUs with IPC (inter-processor communication) working across all CPUs

  2. RTOS based bootloader via SBL in PDK and Linux based bootloader via uboot in PSDK Linux Auto

  3. PDK with CSI2, DSS, VPAC, DMPAC, UDMA, MMC/SD, UART, IPC, Ethernet, OSPI drivers

  4. TIDL and MMALIB for CNN acceleration using C7x/MMA

  5. TI OpenVX software stack running across A72, R5F, C6x, C7x CPUs in RTOS only mode as well as Linux+RTOS mode

  6. TI OpenVX nodes for VPAC, DMPAC, CSI2 capture, display, TIDL, OpenGL and OpenVX v1.1 defined nodes

  7. Imaging library for auto-exposure, auto-whitebalance algorithms, image sensor framework

  8. 8 port ethernet switch firmware

  9. ADSA/Vision demos for CNN applications like object classification, parking spot detect, semantic segmentation, auto valet parking

  10. ADSA/Vision demos for Camera applications like 1CH/4CH IMX390 CSI2 Capture + VISS + display

  11. Gateway demos for CAN to ethernet routing

  12. Display sharing and cluster demo applications

  13. MCU SW for MCU island integration demos

  14. MCAL AutoSAR drivers (part of MCU SW package)

  15. VXLIB - OpenVX v1.1 low level kernel for C66x integrated with TIOVX

  16. Perception toolkit (PTK) for Lidar,Radar,Camera fusion (PC based only)

  17. TI Code generation tools for R5F, C6x, C7x

  18. ARM GCC Code generation tools for A72 (needs to be downloaded separately)

4.18.2. Device Support and Validation Information


Build Host (OS)

Run Target (OS)

Test Plaform


x86_64 (Linux Ubuntu 18.04)

R5F, C6x, C7x running TI-RTOS

A72 running Linux

J721e EVM with daughter cards

PC emulation mode

x86_64 (Linux Ubuntu 18.04)

x86_64 (Linux Ubuntu 18.04)

x86_64 (Linux Ubuntu 18.04)

4.18.3. Known Issues

Refer to component release notes for known issues in each component

4.18.4. Additional Reports

For additional reports like test report, traceability refer [LINK]