1. Overview

1.1. PSDK QNX Package

Processor SDK QNX (PSDK QNX) and Processor SDK RTOS (PSDK RTOS) together form a multi-processor software development platform for TI’s J721S2 platform. The SDK provides a comprehensive set of software tools and components to help users develop and deploy their applications on supported SoCs.

This document accompanies the Processor SDK QNX (PSDK QNX) release 09_02_00.

The TI J721S2 EVM can be used as the test platform for both the TDA4VL and TDA4AL family of devices from Texas Instruments. Refer EVM Setup for J721S2 for more details on the EVM support.

The release supports QNX SDP 710 only, and has been sanity tested on TI J721S2 EVMs. The source code and binaries included in this package are provided as examples and are intended for assistance in development, debug and/or system design addressing specific use cases.

The Processor SDK QNX (PSDK QNX) for J721S2 is an addon package to the PSDK RTOS, which enables PSDK RTOS features and content for a QNX environment. The PSDK QNX is used to associate and validate multiple packages together, thereby providing a verified development environment.

Packages referenced by the PSDK QNX release:

  • Texas Instruments PSDK RTOS (Processors SDK RTOS) Release

  • QNX Board Support Package for J721S2 EVM


Refer PSDK RTOS Components for more information about each individual component.

1.2. Licenses

The licensing information of this SDK, as well as any third-party components included which are made available under a number of other open-source licenses are enumerated as part of the manifest.[LINK]

1.3. Technical Support

For technical support and additional assistance, post a question on https://e2e.ti.com/support/processors/ or contact your local TI Field Application Engineer