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Release Information

Thank you for your interest in the J721e Linux Software Development Kit. This SDK accelerates development of Linux applications on J721E platforms.

Supported Platforms
PlatformSupported DevicesSupported EVMs

Download and Install Instructions

  1. Download the Processor SDK Linux installer [LINK]
  2. Install the Processor SDK Linux release package by referring to instructions on this page [LINK]
  3. Follow instructions from Quick start guide for running the out of the box demos [LINK]
  4. Download and install the Processor SDK RTOS package [LINK]
  5. Install and run out of box SDK demos from prebuilt binaries [LINK] by referring to instructions on this page [LINK]

PROCESSOR-SDK-LINUX Product downloads

Title Description Size
Toolchain downloads
Toolchain for ARMv8 Link to download ARMv8 toolchain
Toolchain for ARMv7 Link to download ARMv7 toolchain
SDK installer downloads
ti-processor-sdk-linux-j7-evm-07_01_00_10-Linux-x86-Install.bin SDK Installer binary Linux 64-bit 1749344K
ProcessorSDKLinux_07_01_00_manifest.html Software manifest for 07_01_00_10 2984K
SDK documentation SDK Documentation for 07_01_00_10
Release notes Release notes for 07_01_00_10
processor-sdk-linux-docs.tar.gz SDK documentation tarball 40552K
SDK Individual Components - all of the below components are available through the Linux SDK installer
tisdk-default-image-j7-evm.tar.xz J721e Linux Target File System 500720K
boot-j7-evm.tar.gz J721e Linux Boot Partition 1096K
SDK tools
can-eth-gateway-gui.tar.gz Open framework based GUI tool for CAN-ETH Gateway demonstration 4512K
md5sum.txt MD5 Checksums 8K
Previous SDK Link
J7 Processor SDK Linux v07_00_01_01 Download Link to J7 Processor SDK Linux 07_00_01_01 Download Page

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