TSN with CPSW Introduction

TI Common Platform Ethernet Switch (CPSW) supports TSN features such as:

  1. PTP (Precision Time Protocol) [IEEE-1588, IEEE-802.1AS]

  2. EST (Enhancements for Scheduled Traffic) [IEEE-802.1Qbv]

  3. FQTSS / CBS (Credit Based Shaper) [IEEE-802.1Qav]

  4. IET (Interspersing Express Traffic) [IEEE-802.3br, IEEE-802.1Qbu]


All TSN features require CONFIG_TI_AM65_CPTS to be enabled.


Switch based TSN features are supported only with CPSWxg for x >= 3. Documentation and Testing

The documentation for each of the TSN features along with the tests are present at: Testing Details

  • The tests have been performed on TI’s J7VCL with CPSW5G in QSGMII/SGMII modes and on TI’s AM625-SK with CPSW3G in RGMII mode.

  • TI’s AM64-SK with CPSW3G in RGMII mode has been used to assist in the testing process.

  • TSN testing has been done in MAC mode as well as SWITCH mode.

  • The test setup and the scripts are documented in this page to help replicate the tests with appropriate changes if required.

  • The outputs for each of the performed tests have also been documented.

  • For all the tests, CONFIG_TI_K3_AM65_CPTS has to be enabled in kernel config.

  • For tuning the TSN features in Switch Mode, refer TSN Switch Tuning Guide