USB Introduction

The USB subsystem has a SuperSpeed (SS) USB3.1 Gen1 Dual-Role-Device (DRD) controller with on-chip SS (USB3.1 Gen1) PHY and HS/FS/LS (USB2.0) PHY.


LowSpeed (LS) is only supported in host mode. TI SoC Integration

The USB subsystem is integrated in TI J784S4 devices. EVM

The following diagram depicts USB integration in J721E EVM.


USB0 controller operates in super-speed dual role mode and is available on a Type-C connector.


The Type-C config DIP switch (SW3) must be set for DRP (Dual-role-Port) operation. SW3.3 = OFF, SW3.4 = ON.

USB1 operates in high-speed host mode and is connected to an onboard 4-port HUB. Of the 4 hub ports, 2 ports are available on stacked Type-A connectors, 1 is available on J2 header for USB-WiFi/Bluetooth adapter and 1 is available on the EVM EXPANSION connector J51.

USB2 controller is not present on J721E SoC so micro-AB 3.0 connector is not usable.