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Processor SDK Linux Automotive Release Notes

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Last updated: 12/16/2019


The Processor Software Development Kit (Processor-SDK) for Linux Automotive provides a foundation software platform for development, deployment and execution of Linux based applications for DRA7xx SoCs and includes the following:

  • Bootloader, Linux Kernel & Filesystem
  • SDK Installer
  • Setup Scripts
  • Makefiles
  • Matrix Application Launcher
  • Example Applications


Please refer to the software manifest, which outlines the licensing status for all packages included in this release. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page. The manifest can be found on the SDK download page or in the installed directory as indicated below. In addition, see Processor_SDK_Linux_GPLv3_Disclaimer


  • Software Developer's Guide: Provides information on features, functions, delivery package and, compile tools for the Processor SDK Linux Automotive release. This also provides detailed information regarding software elements and software infrastructure to allow developers to start creating applications.
  • Software Manifest: Provides license information on software included in the SDK release. This document is in the release at [INSTALL-DIR]/docs.
  • EVM Quick Start Guide: Provides information on hardware setup and running the demonstration application This document is provided as part of the EVM kit.

Release 06.00.00

Released in Dec 2019

What's New

Texas Instruments (TI) 's strategy is to upstream and align with the latest announced LTS Linux Kernel every year. All the code changes made by TI (both new features and bug fixes) are in their respective upstream or publicly available repositories. Linux Kernel v4.19 is the official LTS kernel for 2019.

This is the first Processor SDK Linux Automotive release on K4.19 supporting DRA7xx family of devices.


SDK Components & Versions

Component Version
Linux Kernel 4.19.73+ (2019 LTS)
U-Boot 2019.01+
Yocto Project 2.6 (Thud)
Arm Toolchain (gcc) 8.3-2019-03 hard-float
Qt 5.11
Wayland 5.0
GStreamer 1.14.4

Component versions for M4/DSP builds

The toolchain for building M4/DSP firmware compatible with this version of Processor SDK Linux Automotive is automatically downloaded as part of Yocto recipes.

Supported Platforms

Supported Host Operating Systems

The following operating systems have been validated to work with our SDK. Note that only 64-bit host operating system is supported.

Operating System Version
Ubuntu 18.04 (64-bit)

Supported Platforms and EVMs

The following platforms and EVMs are supported with Processor SDK Linux Automotive.

Platform EVM Silicon PG
DRA756 Rev-H PG 2.0
DRA74x Rev-H PG 2.0
DRA72x Rev-C PG 2.0
DRA71x Rev-A PG 2.1
DRA76x Rev-B PG 1.0

DRA71x and DRA76x are fully tested platforms. The other platforms go through a sanity test cycle to ensure that there are no regressions.

Defects and Known Issues

This section covers the open defects and known issues in this release. Defects correspond to bugs in SW. Major defects will be addressed either in subsequent LTS kernel release or through post-release updates.

Known issues are typically problems due to board limitations, invalid use cases, low probability/priority bugs, etc. No fixes are planned for known issues.

Limitations from last release

The following features are *not* present in this release as compared to the previous releases on K4.4:

  • OpenCL, OpenCV
  • FPDLink display
  • FPDLink Capture
  • Analog camera capture
  • JAMR daughter card

Customers are expected to forward port these features from K4.4 to latest LTS version if needed. Please contact support if you have any questions on porting these patches.

Fixed in this release

Key Severity Component Summary
LCPD-13506 S2-Major Baseport Updating boot0 partition through dfu causes timeouts in eMMC
LCPD-15479 S2-Major Audio & Display DSS-WB Inconsistent behavior observed when converting to NM12 format
LCPD-16593 S2-Major Audio & Display Errors observed for IOCTLs with DMABuf import/export capture operation
LCPD-16383 S2-Major Uboot Uboot: Could not fatwrite to USB stick
LCPD-15547 S2-Major SATA SATA read write tests failed
LCPD-15378 S2-Major Connectivity SATA RX PHY config - update to match the DPLL output configuration
LCPD-15370 S2-Major Connectivity Uboot SD card read write failed at size 8M and bigger
LCPD-15196 S2-Major Connectivity u-boot configures VSDMMC rail for 3.0V instead of 3.3V
LCPD-14837 S2-Major Connectivity U-boot: Increase allocated size for MLO.raw for DFU
LCPD-16096 S2-Major Audio & Display Instability observed while trying to capture video with USB camera via Gstreamer
LCPD-14372 S2-Major Connectivity Uboot mmc command shows "omap_hsmmc_send_cmd: timedout" error
LCPD-16007 S2-Major Connectivity EVM USB device not detected by EVM host
LCPD-16181 S2-Major Connectivity U-boot: DRA74: MMC3 does not have correct IODELAY values for DS, HS, SDR12, SDR25
LCPD-15432 S2-Major Graphics Wayland based demos hang if both HDMI and LCD are connected
LCPD-15384 S2-Major Graphics Segmentation Fault and bad alloc errors observed when running GLMark2
LCPD-14817 S2-Major Graphics coredump in PVRSRVDestroyRecursiveMutex
LCPD-15386 S2-Major Graphics Segmentation fault reported while running GC320
LCPD-15260 S2-Major Multimedia Video on display repeated when Fast Forward done with gst-play
LCPD-15259 S2-Major Multimedia Gst-ducati fails to decode few interlaced streams
LCPD-15422 S2-Major Power & Thermal cpuhotplug03 test failed
LCPD-15423 S2-Major Security L3 Custom Error: MASTER MPU TARGET L4_PER1_P3 observed while running OPTEE tests
LCPD-16188 S2-Major System Integration opencl/cv/mp/armnn, etc. dependencies broken for dra7xx-hs-evm
LCPD-15636 S2-Major System Integration C++ compilation is not working
LCPD-15421 S2-Major System Integration native compilation is not working
LCPD-15467 S2-Major System Test MSI interrupt could not be enabled and no MSI interrupt entry in interrupt table
LCPD-15896 S2-Major Audio & Display Suspend sometimes fails due to touch screen error (edt_ft5x06)
LCPD-14704 S2-Major Audio & Display OMAPDRM: WARN seen after a suspend/resume cycle
LCPD-14703 S2-Major Audio & Display VIP: Fix DT endpoint not bidirectional warning
LCPD-17083 S2-Major Audio & Display DSS scaling sets error -ERANGE
LCPD-14553 S2-Major Baseport dra72-evm: suspend triggers WARN from clockdomain
LCPD-15632 S2-Major Baseport default console in uboot is set to ttyO2 instead of ttyO0
LCPD-15459 S2-Major Baseport rmmod/modprobe cycle fails for crypto modules
LCPD-12176 S2-Major Baseport U-boot: Fix IOdelay error path issue
LCPD-15494 S2-Major Connectivity dra7: pcie: PHY driver doesn't follow TRM power up sequence
LCPD-16618 S2-Major Connectivity Uboot eMMC bus width is not 8-bit
LCPD-14824 S2-Major Graphics Enabling PVR_DEBUG_MUTEXES option results in a compile error
LCPD-15373 S2-Major IPC iommu/omap: include/linux/omap-iommu.h:30:10: error: 'ENOTSUP' undeclared
LCPD-14821 S2-Major IPC net/rpmsg: rpmsg_sock_sendmsg() returning incorrect value on success

Open Defects

Key Severity Component Summary
LCPD-15461 S2-Major Connectivity pcie usb failed to enumerate sometimes on dra7xx
LCPD-16382 S2-Major Connectivity pcie usb/sata read write tests failed
LCPD-17164 S2-Major Graphics GLBenchmark is not able to run missing error reported
LCPD-15918 S2-Major IPC ti-ipc-rtos gets stuck in xdctools
LCPD-16556 S2-Major System Test LMBENCH performance numbers lower than expected
LCPD-17342 S2-Major System Test Dhrystone numbers look off in Performance Guide
LCPD-16642 S2-Major Audio & Display omapdrm: in some cases, DPI output width does not need to be divisible by 8
LCPD-15518 S2-Major Audio & Display omapdrm: WB M2M: Headless mode is not working
LCPD-15540 S2-Major Connectivity uvc-gadget results in segmentation fault
LCPD-17118 S2-Major Connectivity Kernel MMC/SD user's guide incorrectly refers to OMAP-HSMMC
LCPD-16594 S2-Major Connectivity Seeing kernel traces during pcie wifi tests
LCPD-15405 S2-Major Connectivity DFU: could not update eMMC bootloaders when using dfu_alt_info_emmc set in uboot env
LCPD-15410 S2-Major Graphics vdd_shv_power is ~200mw higher than on previous lts
LCPD-15794 S3-Minor Graphics Allow non-root user access to graphics resources to enable graphics use case
LCPD-15400 S2-Major IPC remoteproc/omap: System suspend fails for IPU1 domain without any remoteprocs loaded
LCPD-15402 S2-Major IPC rpmsg-rpc: test application does not bail out gracefully upon error recovery

Known Issues

Key Severity Component Summary Impact Workaround
PSDKLA-3398 S2-Major MMC/SD Dra7xx-evm: Kernel stuck at omap_hsmmc 4809c000.mmc: card busy for almost 1 sec "SD card is enumerated in ddr/high speed mode not UHS mode.Boot is delayed by almost 1sec" Removing pull up resistor on MMC1 clock line reduces chances of hitting this issue.
PSDKLA-3383 S2-Major I2C I2C3 support is not enabled in device tree file on dra71x-evm
LCPD-15635 S2-Major Connectivity mmc hotplug causes one board reboot
LCPD-17373 S2-Major Power & Thermal ARM Exception from PPA Signature Verification Call on HS Device
PSDKLA-5023 S2-Major Audio & Display Late attach for DSP2 is not functional "Observed only on some boards" Remove timer13 from u-boot and dts file
PSDKLA-3382 S2-Major WLAN BT Wilink support is not enabled in device tree file on dra71x-evm
PSDKLA-3855 S2-Major MMC/SD DRA76x-EVM : SD card UHS modes are not supported on TI EVM due to regulator limitation
PSDKLA-1364 S2-Major ETH DRA7xx(J6/J6Eco) : ethernet : reliability issues/link failure with gigabit mode of operation(on some boards) "Observed only on specific boards" Connect to 100 Mbps port
PSDKLA-3399 S2-Major MMC/SD Stuck for 10-15 seconds on SD recovery Userspace applications/console will be delayed by 10-15 sec as filesystem will not be mounted until the fs check is completed. "Do not force power off/recycle the board. Use ""reboot"" command.or ""sync"" followed by ""halt""."
PSDKLA-3299 S3-Minor Audio & Display DRA72x: FPDLink: Triple display usecase not functional
PSDKLA-3058 S3-Minor Audio & Display Sluggish touch response with matrix-gui on Rev G DRA7xx EVM with LG display
PSDKLA-1387 S3-Minor ETH DRA7xx : ethernet : 10Mbps mode does not work "HW limitation on EVM" None
LCPD-9402 S2-Major Audio & Display DRA72x: HDMI display EDID read fails on Rev B EVM When using Rev B EVM, EDID read will not work. This will result in the HDMI driver using the builtin modes in the kernel. HDMI will work at maximum of 1024x768 resolution. Add the required HDMI modes into the kernel binary as per instructions in
LCPD-8000 S2-Major Audio & Display VIP: RGB: RGB capture error due to wrong data path setting
LCPD-7374 S2-Major Connectivity DRA7x: Transcend 16G UHS card enumerated as SDR104 but there are errors showing up
LCPD-9192 S2-Major Connectivity, Unknown UART: DMA: data inconsistency observed with serial check utility on uart3 and glitches observed in BT playback "One may hear glitches in Audio playback over Bluetooth." None
LCPD-8352 S2-Major Graphics weston: stress testing with 75 concurrent instances of simple-egl leads to unresponsive HMI due to running out of memory oom-killer stops an application to free up memory. It could be either Wayland client or Weston itself. If Weston is killed, a board reboot would be required. 1. Restart Wayland application. 2. Restart board if Weston is killed by oom-killer
LCPD-7255 S2-Major System Integration Telnet login takes too long (~40 seconds) "Booting with rootfs mounted over NFS might cause ~40 seconds delay on telnet login because DNS entries might not be properly populated. To work around this issue, enter appropriate DNS server IP in resolv.conf. For example: echo 'nameserver' > /etc/resolv.conf; "
LCPD-7695 S3-Minor Audio & Display DRA7xx: building Ov1603x as a module causes a green tint in captured image "As this is only related to starting the capture within one second of insertine module. The impact is on the early video use cases." The workround is to use the camera driver as builtin. Also, a delay of 1s can stop this issue from occuring
LCPD-9168 S3-Minor Audio & Display Rotation using DSS/DRM TILER 2D not supported for NV12 and YUYV

Installation and Usage

The Software Developer's Guide provides instructions on how to setup up your Linux development environment, install the SDK and start your development.  It also includes User's Guides for various Example Applications.

Technical Support and Product Updates

Technical support is a broad term. Our desire is to provide a solid product, good documentation, and useful training that defines a clear path for developing a product based on the Linux/RTOS SDK. However, we know we'll never cover everything that can be done, and occasionally we even make mistakes <gasp>. So, when you can't seem to find what you need, there's a good place to search through previously answered questions and ask a new one - The E2E Support Forums. There is an active community of TIers and other customers like you already using a TI Processor, on these forums. You may find your question has already been answered with a quick Search of the Forums. If not, a quick post will likely provide you the answers you need.

We strongly recommend using the E2E for all queries.

There could be a few cases where your query has confidential information and cannot be posted publicly. In such cases, please contact your FAE or CPM.

Release Download

The latest release can be downloaded from this link

For earlier releases, go to Archives